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Hereford binman loses his job for kicking snowman

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A binman who was employed by an agency has been informed that he will not be working for Herefordshire Council again after the incident in which he had a momentary 'meltdown' and decided to kick the head off a snowman in Hereford on Tuesday while collecting the bins in the area.


Our View: Although you may argue his behaviour was maybe a little odd, we're not sure that it warranted the man losing his job after he had a lapse of judgment.

His employers are behaving like 'snowflakes' after all, it's just a snowman which would have naturally disappeared within a few days anyway.

We hope that the person who took the time out to actually report this as 'an incident' sleep well tonight in the knowledge that someone has lost their job.

Have a laugh at the cartoon photograph below which just goes to highlight how ridiculous this has become.


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I am not saying this is the case here, but it is true that some employers use incidents like this to build up cases against an employee to dismiss them. They will highlight the distress caused the family and resulting poor publicity/ loss of reputation, which they believe is reason enough to let one employee go, where they might play the incident down and keep another, as it's unlikely you're going to get a comparable incident.

The truth of the matter is, the employee should have been asked to knock on the 3 year old's door the following week and say sorry for the unintended upset caused.  

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