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Cycle and Bus Lanes in Commercial Road Hereford Being Removed

Hereford Voice

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It will be very interesting to know what the cost was to mark the lanes etc. Plus the cost of revert it back to what it was ?

As somebody said the other day .......it's the Council Officers who do all the planning but it's the Councillors who get the praise if it works or the flack if it's a failure .

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I think it's a shame. We need to have more spaces for the normalisation of not being reliant on carbon polllution just to go shopping, or indeed, do anything at all. The bike lanes were a positive signal that cycling, walking and not polluting is normal in Hereford.

But the NIMBYs have got their way once again. Back in the cars, back to air pollution, back to traffic noise and fatal accidents, and back to me not wanting to spend any time in central Hereford. Oh well. They say progress happens in different place at different rates. I suppose that why Hereford has always been left behind. People here are just that little bit slower...

I suppose in ten years' time when the bypass has finally been built and the traffic problems in Hereford are just the same as they are now that the penny will finally drop that the traffic won't disappear, unless the people WHO ARE THEMSELVES THE TRAFFIC decide not to drive everywhere in cars. Difficult concept for some I expect, but whilst there are hapless people in the council to blame, then they will be blamed, no matter what they try to do.

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