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  1. Good news! Inspiring to see doctors and scientists in important elected positions in Poland. I expect that improves policy somewhat. Now that we are out of the EU, I suppose the other 27 club members will get first refusal before we get a look in. Let's hope our corporate friends at AstraZeneca come up with the goods soon on our behalves! #SunlitUplands #NobodyIsTalkingAboutThreateningOurPlaceInTheSingleMarket
  2. GOSH!!! Who'd have thought that public health in this country was so ON IT, that it has seen fit to leak that there *may* be a Covid case in the hospital. At the height of lockdown my attempts to get the Press Office (for so it is called) of the hospital to give information about number of inpatients etc with confirmed Covid were fruitless. "No", they said, "we won't tell you anything useful about cases in the hospital, as that would be a grave transgression of the rules surrrounding complete and utter secrecy. We must keep the public in the dark about the scale of the problem. " Luckily
  3. Some facts: The bypass's cost, by the Council's own estimation (ie extremely optimistic) is 200 to 250 million. So the 2 million you want would barely scratch 1% of the total estimated cost. It would build a lot of footpaths though! In the surveying done in 2016 7% of the traffic in Hereford is through traffic on the A49. The other 93% is almost all private motor cars and light vans (amazon delivieries etc). I'm not making this up. These are the numbers that the Council will give you if you ask for them. Everyone who lives in Hereford knows that it is the school run that creates
  4. Such a terrible shame that the seeds of this tragedy were sown some 90 years previously by British foreign policy in the Middle East. That and our seemingly insatiable demand for fossil fuel energy, particularly oil, from the 1920s onwards. A tragedy for all those living in Iraq today, as well as for the innocent New Yorkers. Let's hope as we move forwards into a more independent nation we don't look to exercise military might in order to secure resources that aren't geographically ours, especially since we are making such a stink ourselves about the rights to fish in the waters around these i
  5. I am quoting the Hereford Traffic Survey that was undertaken in 2016 by the then Tory roadbuilding administration. The information is all available from John Harrington if you ask him. 1500 HGVs sounds about right. That means ~21500 car journeys on the same day (the 93%), which sounds like a underestimate to me, given that 55000 live in Hereford. You can gripe all you like, but maths doesn't lie (that's the job of statistics in the hands of politicians 😉 ) Anyway, since Beeching killed 2/3 of the railways, how else are shops meant to keep their shelves stocked if there aren't HGVs? What'
  6. I think it's a shame. We need to have more spaces for the normalisation of not being reliant on carbon polllution just to go shopping, or indeed, do anything at all. The bike lanes were a positive signal that cycling, walking and not polluting is normal in Hereford. But the NIMBYs have got their way once again. Back in the cars, back to air pollution, back to traffic noise and fatal accidents, and back to me not wanting to spend any time in central Hereford. Oh well. They say progress happens in different place at different rates. I suppose that why Hereford has always been left behind. P
  7. I think you'll find that the mountains of slurry and manure that the poultry produce (poultry manure is by some margin the most phosphate rich muck produced by domesticated animals) in principally Powys, would require a wetland system about three times the size of the Powys to ameliorate! There are over 10 million birds there now with planning permission granted. The manure management plans say a lot will be exported these days. Where to?? Herefordshire...? This is a regulatory failure by both NRW and Powys CC on a scale hitherto thought possible only somewhere in central Africa. It's a cryin
  8. Well, the debate rages on! Personally I think the changes are much overdue and certainly needed. Yes I can see the frustration of being stuck in traffic, but as the original poster pointed out, everyone is in their cars during the school rush, and that's why the traffic is so BAD. It certainly isn't the cyclists' fault! They hardly take up any road space at all. I reckon COVID and the resulting change in working practices means that routinely coming to work 15 mins later because of a cycled school run won't actually be a problem for 99% of bosses and employees. Many people have been
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