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Disturbing Amount of Rubbish and BBQ's on Malvern Hills Trust Land

Hereford Voice

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Disturbing seeing rubbish being left on the hills, commons & car parks of Malvern Hills Trust land. 

If you can't leave it the way you find it then politely consider staying away and not spoiling it for others. 

Malvern Cops spotted a few youths having a BBQ and made to tidy up.


More people were also removed from Gullet Quarry yesterday.

Details of those breaking Malvern Hills Trust bylaws taken for potential enforcement. 

EZTX-OvX0AAbkW_.thumb.jpeg.b4184cee72d26b35f19a213d250f5278.jpeg EZTX-sJXgAA_MC8.thumb.jpeg.59d57eed05ba9af6758ad7a495fffd7b.jpeg EZTX_GoXkAAL1ty.thumb.jpeg.dcbb8edc8abff208dfcb43bd65e1c7fb.jpeg

The owners of the disgusting amounts of rubbish left behind couldn't be identified.

What is wrong with some people?

First of all people shouldn't be having BBQ's particularly with all of their dry weather we have been enjoying these past few months and it is forbidden on Malvern Hills Trust land. 

There are been many field and bush fires reported recently across the county by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service including another one just today!

Crews from Evesham, Ledbury, Pershore, Tewksbury and Worcester have extinguished a barn fire at Bredon near Tewksbury involving 50 hay bales. 

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