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Colin James

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Hereford Voice is local independent website community run by volunteers for discussions and news related to Herefordshire and surrounding Counties.

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Hereford Voice was established in March 2007, however we began as Belmont Voice, a blog with the slogan 'have your say!' in 2004.

We wanted to give local residents their own 'voice', hence the titles 'Belmont Voice' and now 'Hereford Voice'. Our primary online forums were originally created to allow local residents of Belmont to engage with one another and with local parish councillors about parish-related issues. The website quickly drew visitors from all around Herefordshire, and in March 2007, after receiving several requests to expand the site to cover all of Herefordshire, we did so and changed the name to Hereford Voice.

We do our best to support local business and encourage others to do the same, using our hash tags #HfdLocal #HVLocal #KeepItLocal

Social Media
As well as Facebook our other media channels extend to; Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Google | Flickr

Community Projects and Campaigns
We have initiated and spearheaded many local community projects listed below and are proud to have worked with some equally passionate people on these various projects along the way which have included, local residents, our MP, Councillors and the Police.

  1. Successfully campaigned to reverse reduced grass cutting with this petition
  2. New metal fencing on the Belmont Iron bridge (preventing kids climbing)
  3. New duck signs installed following request along Haywood Lane near to Belmont Pools.
  4. Open space at bottom of Glastonbury Close cleared and tree's cut back and 2 reduced to stumps preventing kids climbing over metal fencing near McDonalds.
  5. Regularly litter picked around the Oval Shops and various other locations within South Wye since 2007.
  6. Successfully campaigned for CCTV along the GWW.
  7. Campaigned successfully since 2012 to reverse previous decisions to prevent late night food curfew - many food outlets are now open until 3am and even later on bank holidays, thanks to this long campaign
  8. Colin James cleaned all of the road signs from the Iron bridge on A465 Belmont to the Clehonger junction and also along the whole length of Haywood Lane and other signs around the Parish.
  9. Successfully campaigned and managed to have 'Keep Clear' road markings painted A465 Tesco roundabout exits.
  10. Highlighted, contacted Hereford Housing (Connexus) and managed to have the garages at Redhill repaired (GWW)
  11. Cleaned the GWW on two 'Clean Up Days' together with many other residents, Councillors and Police.
  12. Successfully campaigned to have Salt Bins placed for Sydwall Road and Glastonbury Close with thanks to the Parish Council. 
  13. Successfully campaigned here for New lightbulbs and repairs to the lighting within the Greyfriars Subway.
  14. Colin James persuaded Balfour Beattie to cut down dangerous trees and bushes on blind corner in Glastonbury Close Hereford.
  15. Clean up of Hereford Duck Pond on several 'Duck Pond Days' with many volunteers. We managed to obtain 3 new information signs kindly sponsored by Vets4Pets. Repainted fence with funds from Hereford City Council and secured up £5000 for aeration pumps/fountain.

Our other active campaigns include; 

  1. Campaigned since before 2011 to turn off the traffic lights (on a trail) or making them part-time 7pm-7am - Councillor responses following our group presentation to the Hereford City Council on 6th December 2014.
  2. Cleaning of weeds from the medieval Hereford City walls and pursuing the installation of some subtle LED up-lights and placing descriptive historic signs at various sections along the City walls.
  3. Explore using Trams along the Great Western Way.

We have many regular members who are all equally as passionate about Herefordshire. Please register HERE and join in the debates!

Once you are a registered member your are invited to start your own topic or reply to others sharing your own thoughts and views on local news, events, issues, crime, planning and developments within the various forums.

Our Domains
We have several registered domains;

blogspace.co.uk/belmontvoice - registered 14/06/2004
belmontvoice.co.uk - registered 28/04/2007 (expired)
herefordvoice.co.uk - registered  23/03/2007 - transferred 25/08/2013
belmontrural.co.uk- registered 11/12/2013
herefordshirevoice.co.uk - registered 11/12/2013
herefordvoice.uk - registered 30/11/2017
hfd.news - registered 08/05/2020
hereford.news - registered 12/07/2022

Hash Tags We Created

Hereford Voice #HerefordVoice 
Our slogan #HavingYourSay
Competitions and Giveaway's #HVComps
Polls #HVPolls
Virtual Tours #HVVT (used during the Coronavirus pandemic)
Worldwide Webcams #HVWC (used during the Coronavirus pandemic)
Photography Group #HVSunsets
Hereford Bull Statue Group #HerefordBull #HerefordBullStatue
Local News #HerefordNews #HerefordshireNews
Promote Hereford #EmbraceHereford #PositiveHereford
Surrounding Counties #ThreeCounties
Hereford Voice Councillor Sessions #hfdvcs
Resurfacing Works #hvroads

Above all please be polite to others and observe the guidelines and rules of this site.

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