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Volunteers adopting their street to keep it free of litter


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In The Hereford Times 25th January 2020



Volunteers adopting their street to keep it free of litter

MORE THAN 30 people have been getting involved in a community group's new initiative to make sure Hereford is kept tidy and free of litter.

Hereford Community Clean Up Group has a new plan which will see volunteers look after a designated area of the city, as opposed to helping anywhere across a larger area.

The group now wants more people to get involved with the group and adopt or look after the street or area where they live.

"It is a great way of covering more of the city leaving the group events to concentrate on areas that are not being looked after," Emma Jones from the group said.

"We currently have 34 people who have come forward to volunteer to adopt the street/area where they live, which is fantastic.

"We still require more people to look after areas of Putson, Hunderton, Moor Farm, Venn's Lane and College Estate.

For more information contact the group on Facebook or email;  hccug1@gmail.com.


I pick up litter once a week in an area around where I live, usually on Monday as any cans or plastic bottle and any other recyclable items can go in my green bin before the dustmen empty it on Tuesday. It does make a difference to the street scene. The other thing that needs doing is clearing the kerbs of weeds - this does make the area looked after. To get an idea of the problem on the estates look at my previous posts under I told you it would get worse!

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