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Would you give up your car?


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Would you give up your car? I already have - only hire one when I need it to travel further afield.

Motorists will be paid up to £3,000 to leave their car at home and take a bus or ride a bike in government plan to cut congestion and air pollution

Motorists will be given cash credit for public transport and electric cars 
They will have to hand over their cars for a period in a bid to reduce emissions 
Trial, which will take place in Coventry, could be rolled out nationwide

Drivers who promise to give up their cars will be given £3,000 a year as part of a scheme to reduce pollution.

A pilot scheme, which will be launched in Coventry, West Midlands, later this year, will see motorists given cash credits for public transport, electric car and bike hire.

Those who agree to leave their cars at home are set to gain as much as £3,000 a year, according to a report in The Times.  

The plans were approved by the West Midlands Combined Authority on Friday and will see credit added to a smart card with the aim of encouraging motorists to 'give up their private vehicles in exchange for a limited time period of support'.

Documents presented at the meeting said the aim was to 'stimulate a long-term sustainable shift in travel behaviour' among drivers, who will be asked to surrender their car for a period.

John Seddon, head of transport and innovation at Coventry City Council, told the newspaper around 100 people would initially take part in the trial, funded by a £20 million Department for Transport award.

'We see it as a variant of scrappage schemes of the past but rather than trading in an old car for a newer one, it is trading in the car for the ability to use other modes of transport,' he told the paper.

Ah I see a problem - "other modes of transport"

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I am 78 and gave up driving last July .i started driving 60 years ago and during that time only receive 3 penalty points for speeding (38 in a 30 ) on the eleverted section of the road in Newport . We have a very good bus service from Tillington and as Megilland does hire a car as and when . I have no regrets at all .

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