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So What Did You Think Of The Royal Wedding?


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AS A staunch Republican, I couldn't face the wall-to-wall TV coverage all day last Saturday and had to take refuge in a local ale house, whose bar TV was thankfully broadcasting an Indian league cricket game.

But I got suckered into watching BBC1's 90-minute highlights in the evening - and I have to say I was hugely impressed.

I was impressed by the amazing logistical achievement of the services (police, army, security, Royal Household, Windsor Chapel authorities) in pulling off what appeared to be an absolutely faultless event, though of course the weather helped greatly (remember the rain-sodden Thames Cavalcade?). I was impressed by the quality of the TV coverage, though less so by the banality of the Beeb's two announcers. And I was knocked sideways by Meghan's Givenchy wedding gown, reputed to have cost £387,000. Her 125-year-old diamond tiara (on loan for the day from Queenie) is obviously priceless.

I loved the fire-and-brimstone sermon (we haven't had people preaching like that for over a century); the gospel singers were an absolute delight; and the young cellist who 'held the fort' while the Register was being signed, remained as cool as a cucumber - though I wish that the couple could have invited either Julian Lloyd Webber or Yo-Yo Ma. I was immensely thankful that little Elton was only seated in the congregation, and not on the organ: 'Candle In The Wind' would most definitely not have been an appropriate anthem for the bridal couple to leave by! Air-Miles-Andy looked bored rigid and overweight; I was wholly underwhelmed by Camilla's hat; and Mrs Beckham looked as if she was auditioning for a part in the remake of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'. The couple's wise decision to exclude overseas dignitaries relieved the watching world from the embarrassment of any grandstanding by The Donald.

Meghan's mum looked most dignified throughout, though it is a pity she was alone and that a last-minute reorganisation of the seating couldn't have had either Opral or Serena sat next to her. But most of all I was hugely impressed by her daughter's remarkable composure throughout that gruelling two-hour session, reputed to have been watched on TV by a global audience of more than two billion people.

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You summed it up about right Gridkocker , thought the the fire and brimstone " Sermon " was quite brillent , he didn't  appear to have anything written down but I guess he got the. " message " through . The Church person sitting next to him appeared quite bored .

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