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Herefordshire Council LOBO Loans

Liberty Veritas

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Herefordshire council currently has two active LOBO loans, these loans are scandalous.

The next time your hear someone from the council moaning about money just ignore them.

Details of the loans:

1. Danske Bank A/S2 (2.11.2004):

50 years; £6,000,000.00 @1.60% *

2. Dexia Credit Local (02.02.2004):

50 years; £6,000,000.00 @2.85% **

Please note:

*Interest rate 1.60% p.a. until 24 November 2006 then 4.50%p.a.

**Interest rate 2.85% p.a. until 04 February 2006 then 4.50%p.a

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