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Theresa May Loves Fox Hunting, What about Jesse... Or Jim?


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In the news yesterday was the, in my opinion, frankly astounding news regarding our glorious PM's views on fox hunting.


I, personally, find this story abhorrent that in this day and age, the Prime Minister of our country can actually believe that hunting foxes with hounds is acceptable and is prepared to give parliament a free vote n order to repeal the ban.

It makes me wonder what our current MP feels about this?  

I have contacted him asking that question, not that I am expecting a reply any time soon.

Also, what are the views of Jesse's most likely possible replacement, Mr Kenyon?


Is Mrs May that confident in the run up to the election that she feels she can say anything, knowing that however backwards it may seem to civilised people, she will still win the upcoming election?


If the Tories win again, I see very dark days ahead...


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Dark days ahead for the fox!  


However I have seen the damage a fox does too often and to my way of thinking there is far too much emotive talk about a fox .


I am not for fox hunting but they do have to be controlled and without hunting I'm sure they do quietly get controlled. 


To make this an election issue is ridiculous there are somewhat more important issues at stake


Jesse used to be a hunt follower I do not know if he still does as for Jim I do not know his leanings on this issue

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They do not prosecute people anyway even with this ban in place!


But fishing with sharp hooks, which often get caught into fish eyes, gills and tails, then throw them into a keep net tormenting them for hours on end is acceptable... Maybe it is because the one is more fury than the other which makes these headlines.

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Denise, I have to disagree, 

Whether or not the fox needs to be controlled is not the issue.  It is the manner in which it is done that is important.

And i don't see why it should not be an election issue, there are many, many issues that are important, this being just one of them.

Yes the state of the NHS is important, as is the ongoing underfunding of education and social care amongst other things.  But the prime minister openly being in favour of hunting with hounds, something that, surely, any normal thinking person can easily see is a barbaric so called "sport" disguised as pest control is an important election issue.

Do you want a party that treats wildlife with such disdain to be in power?

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