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Mis-selling by Hereford independent store?


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A request to my fellow members. Has anyone purchased domestic white goods from an independent Hereford store with the benefit of a "free for life" labour offer?

I'm not naming names at this stage, and there is more than one store making such an offer in our city, so please don't draw any conclusions as yet.

I'm just wanting feedback from other members who may have experienced the same issues as me.

I've always tried to support local independents, even if it means paying a little more.

Furthermore, I've praised these retailers to family and friends, and posted positive reviews online.

However, over the last few months, I've formed the opinion that I've been stitched up. I've written on several occasions directly to the retailer and asked them to explain, all to no avail.

Briefly, this is what happened.

Washing machine broke.

Needed new bearing.

Quoted nearly £300 for the part!

Told, don't bother trying to order it yourself on the internet, it won't work.

Not being one for doing as I'm told, ordered part on internet for under £30 and fitted it myself (took me, as a novice, over five hours!!!).

Machine working well nearly five months later!

Let me know if you've had similar experiences please. I think I've been misled.

Thanks all in anticipation.

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I don't think you will get very far with your pursuit to be fair, as you they aren't really doing anything wrong with their ad. It could be construed as misleading to some, however, as such, there isn't actually a fixed retail price on anything. Most of it is based upon the net price plus a mark up to make a profit margin. All they are doing here is buying a part, making up a price for it based upon labour rates etc and selling it at an all inclusive price - nothing wrong with that per se - as essentially, there is no labour charge included on the invoice.

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Thanks Ragwert.

Have you had any direct experience, or know someone who has?

I will be taking this matter further, as they just refuse to answer any of my letters.

The more examples I have the better.

Not myself personally but a friend of my daughters boyfriend had

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