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Herefordshire Country Fair


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Last Sunday my Wife & I enjoyed a great day out at Sellack ( less than 10 miles from Hereford city centre ) the whole event as I saw it was generally a great success. With all aspects of country life showed & celebrated by many people, including many who I saw there who live in the city. I was appalled to see that the organisers are thinking of leaving this land at Caradoc which has of late become the home of HCF and relocating to the Bishops meadow ! To try and engage with City folk ! & also to make a joint celebration / memorial of the 1st World War.


I see a fantastic event becoming a disaster that will antagonise and disrupt the South Wye area, not be able to provide the area of land needed for parking of visitors , competitors etc. If per chance it were to be wet what would all those vehicles, feet and the pounding of horses hooves do to the cricket square & football pitches ? Where would the shooting events be held ( need to be away from main arena area etc for noise reasons alone. I am sorry organisers but you surely must think again!


The setting at Caradoc is superb, the size of the meadows area means it would be easy to enlarge the arena, create another smaller arena, enlarge car park and still remain within the confines of the grounds.


I am not saying the current format is perfect, the catering stalls, burgers, pork rolls & general fast food were generally of a poor standard ( my pork roll was almost twice the price of the ones sold in High Town with half the meat in it & no crackling ) such a shame for a County that provides quality food for so many throughout the Nation. Such a shame when Hereford boasts some of the finest Indie restaraunts around, why couldn't we have had the choice of a Rule of Tum or Beefy boys burger, or a Shack Revolution pizza or indeed a baked potato or Pork roll as served in High Town ! Perhaps it may be an idea to invite the Hereford Indie Food guys to go on tour with a pre event taster tour next year !


Really organising committee , don't do it you will spoil a great event just work on what you have already got and here's looking forward to Caradoc 2017.



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I totally agree with you Pete - the name gives the game away "Country" Fair. The setting is just not right. I can only imagine that the Rones and the Bramers of the world see there is big money to be had on this.  


As one HT comment pointed out the chosen charity for this year's Fair was a little ironic! 

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