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Garden rubbish

Adrian symonds

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I was chatting to a neighbour this morning over a coffee and saying I need to pop into town to get some green garden rubbish bags, now according to my neighbour, someone she knows had a letter when she got some green bags to say that there is or will be an option of a wheeled bin that you pay per month or year for garden rubbish that will be collected fortnightly.


I did not get the letter myself when I got my bags today, I can not see anything about it on the council website, do anyone know about this?


The person who got the letter worked it that it would cost them more to have the bin than to have green bags, as I said this is just what I have heard from a neighbour.


I have steps, so having wheeled bins is not a good option for me, but just being nosy really.


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There are private firms that offer this exact service, collected fortnightly throughout the year. I believe you are expected to sign up to a year's contract, so don't know how the value for money stacks up when winter bites and there's not much waste.

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Something similar is advertised on one of the BB rubbish collecting carts - it would be good.  About time the garden rubbish went for recycling instead of chucking the green bags in with the general household rubbish and ultimately for landfill.


If you joined forces with a neighbour it could be cost effective. Not everybody is able to go to the rubbish tip and a lot of other counties do it.


This is probably a move to stop the green bags and extend the bin collection to 3 weeks 

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From what I understand it will still be collected every couple of weeks, so if it is the council doing this i expect they use the same lorry they use now. I doubt they will get rid of the green bags, many people have no space for bins and if how many would want to pay an annual charge anyway?  Already pay enough as it is.


The three-week collection couple be a possibility, other places have gone over to it, but there is enough rubbish being dumped as it is, three weeks will just make it worse.

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