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Newton Brook


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Today it has been brought to my attention that the entire length of Newton Brook needs a clear out, along with a haircut!

Items listed are the usual suspects, trolleys, tyres, garden waste etc etc.

This brook was the border boundary between Belmont and Newton Farm; however for whatever reason these boundaries have now moved. Running from Belmont Lakes along waterfield rd along side three counties hotel & Glastonbury close villa st into the Wye. Clearing this area will obviously help the natural course of the water flow and encourage wildlife to return.

I remember catching alsorts in that brook many moons ago. Got many a soaking in it too, trying to jump it! Now I just see detritus and sometimes water.

Who's department does this fall into? Would Cllr Edwards care to organise a community clean as its in his back yard? Or is it BB jurisdiction?

I notice that the Belmont brook is well kept!

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DILIGAF, who has told you the brooks boundaries have changed?


The Newton Brook runs from Waterfield road under the road to come up along side the Three Counties Hotel then into Glastonbury Close which also runs between Golden Post and Sydwell Road.


The Belmont Brook from the landfill site in Belmont, along the CR7 then runs left of the little bridge into the River Wye. Villa street backs onto the River Wye. When Cllr Edwards lived in Belmont his home used to run alongside of the Belmont brook and he was often seen on the CR7 cleaning the brook and cutting back the undergrowth.


BBLP are responsible for both brooks, but the belmont brook also comes under the durisdiction of the Belmont Rural Parish Council. The newton Brook is part of the Newton Farm ward so either get in touch with BBLP or Councillor Edwards, as he cuts the grass in Waterfield road as well as Belmont he should be aware of the state of the brook. The lakes were in private ownership but now belongs to the Kindle centre committee.who bought them from the private owner some years ago for if my memory serves me well £60,000. For the community.   Hope I have explained this fully for you.   Glenda

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The Belmont brook runs a great deal farther south than the landfill site, past the golf course & Clehonger if I remember.

The Newton brook source is the two Belmont pools yes, but there are (were) three+ other pools/lakes that fed the Belmont pools farther upstream.

What good will be achieved by contacting mr Edwards if this is possible?

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