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Job losses at Sun Valley

Denise Lloyd

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Unusual to crib a story from HT it is usually the other way around but sadly


BREAKING230 Hereford jobs at risk as Cargill loses supermarket contract

MORE than 200 jobs are at risk at Cargill in Hereford after it lost a contract with one of the UK's biggest supermarkets.



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I'm actually pleased! Given that the market forces enabled Cargill Meats to saturate their workforce with over seventy percent of EU migrant workers and turn their backs on British Herefordians, it's happily ironic for me that the same global market forces are now kicking their European Bread Basket Of Cheap Labour, the EU migrants in much the same way as the indigenous people have been kicked and discarded.

The sooner our migrant friends wake up and realise that they are being used as subservient cheap slave labour the better for all those who still have the ability to think for themselves and rationally consider the consequences of the Free Movement Of People.

Mind, the knock on effect will be two hundred and thirty migrants will be either unemployed either here or back home. Either way we pay for it all or some other employer will orchestrate them into their workforce and remove the British from yet another area of work because they ain't prepared to work harder, faster and cheaper than the migrants.

I find it all happily amusing and I look forward to seeing and witnessing a time when the 'penny drops' and our Slovakian cousins realise that the view of the Mandarins of Europe and Hitler are much the same. That maniac Hitler viewed the Slovaks in much the same way. Through his mad distorted ideology he saw the Slovaks as nothing more than a source of cheap slave labour and nothing I've seen or witnessed convinces me that the EU hierarchy see these people any differently.

Yes! I'm glad that the job losses at Cargill Meats will affect those EU migrants who willingly prostitute themselves and their potential to catch our chickens, slaughter the poor creatures, pluck the beasts, gut them, process them and package their meat for our consumption.

It's about time the boot was on the other foot!

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The sooner our migrant friends wake up and realise that they are being used as subservient cheap slave labour 


The average net monthly wage in Portugal is 50% of that in the UK. For Poland it is 30%. I'm sure these people know the work is not the best ever but they exercise a free choice to move here and complete work that pays a wage that they are over the moon about. 

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