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Sustainable Biomass Energy Station at Rotherwas

Colin James

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A Sustainable Biomass Energy Station at Rotherwas, Hereford


Sustainable Energy Enterprises Limited (SEEL) are announcing their proposal to develop a plant at Rotherwas that will convert locally arising and recovered biomass into electricity and heat. This plant will feed the local electricity distribution grid and provide heat to new businesses on the Enterprise Zone, some existing Rotherwas businesses, and the planned new housing to the south west of Rotherwas. SEEL will also actively encourage new investors to the Enterprise Zone that have a particular need for sustainable electricity or heat.
See attached PDF below for full press release
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I agree, Two Wheels. It ticks a lot of boxes!


One word of caution though, the primary fuel is poultry droppings. (Which is a great use for it). They state they work with local poultry farmers.



Let's hope that if this goes ahead, we don't see another spate of broiler house applications.


Those places are horrendous.

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Excellent idea. A new business providing for other new businesses and housing. One thought though.  Chicken muck is spread on fields for fertilizer. This pongs! So, will the new plant emit the manure smell and will farmers have to find a new way to fertilize their fields as all the available chicken muck is being used to provide heat. As Dippy says, another proliferation of broiler houses?


Can't resist a chicken joke!


What do you call a chicken looking at a lettuce?


A chicken sees a salad.  

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As horrible as these chicken houses are chicken is now the no 1 meat. I eat chicken but only chicken that is produced in this country  and it has to be much better for consumers to buy chicken that is produced in this country.  If you think brolier houses are vile in this country I can assure you they are far worse in other countries.


Anyway back to the topic there is a line " the planned new housing to the south west of Rotherwas."  would this be the houses in the Grafton direction? This seems to assume that everything road and houses is signed sealed and delivered.


However having said all that this seems good and I hope it is a genuine independent company and I wish them good luck. 

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