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Denise Lloyd

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Correction, what I meant to say is Cath North will be a stand alone councillor, no affiliation to any group on the council, but still represents her constituents in her ward.

Never have agreed with that. If you get elected as a member of one party and then change, then another election should be called. I know some people vote a politician in because of who they are and not what party they represent, but not all.

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Yes I agree with what you say four IOC councillors left the Herefordshire Independent group to start up IOC two of which passed away, one retired in May this year,the other is still with IOC. But they have another who left the Lib Dems to join them, so in total 5 councillors have left different groups to join IOC, now one of their own is leaving next week. When you are elected by the people to represent them by the party the electorate chose as the party they wanted to give their vote to, you should stay until the next election before walking the floor imo.

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