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Gimme Some Truth!


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I needed to hear that Bob. Truth is still in short supply decades later. Especially at this point in the 5 year electoral cycle.


Pledges abound... promises like piecrust ... are made to be broken.


A Libdem leaflet dropped onto my doormat yesterday. The contents indicated the most severe case of selective amnesia on the part of the writer.


As if the poor sap picking the leaflet up had lived through five years of Tory inflicted savagery which had had nothing to do with any of the candidates marching our streets now, sporting cheesy grins and yellow rosettes, wearing out their shoe leather, in the hope that our own ability to recall beyond last week was equally fu.ck.ed.




We know what you did last summer. And last winter. And the four winter/summer combinations preceding that. You set about us with an axe; then laughed in our faces and gave yourself a double figure pay rise.


And it's now payback time.

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Great song Paul. More relevant today than it was when he penned it.......I've said this before and I mean it. When one of them tips up, creeps up my path, taps on my door and presents himself promising me the earth, I'm going to ask him, 'do you masturbate?' And if he says 'No', I'm going to say, 'You Sir are a liar and if you'll lie to me about this you'll lie to me about other things. Clear off!

Gimmee Some Truth!

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Brilliant video, from the incomparable John Lennon.


Truth, and indeed trust, is really what it all boils down to.


This has to be the basis for moving forward..... which pretty much rules out The Conservatives.


Both locally and nationally.

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