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We are Fu.ck.ed!


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So, in response to the low pay levels that are now the main driving force behind our so called miraculous economic recovery, the leader of the opposition Mr Milliband has declared war on the Gang Masters, the Rogue Landlords and the unscrupulous Employers who've taken advantage of millions.

Yes! Cognisant that the free movement of people within the European Union has had a negative impact upon wages and their low levels, this bloody opportunist, who played more than a full part in this utopia to Capitalism that is currently driving the United Kingdom, he's now decided to name and shame those that he wants you to believe are the source of the problem.

Well I for one don't blame any Gang Master, Rogue Landlord or Unscrupulous Employer for taking full advantage of this economic model that Milliband and so many others helped to create. How bloody dare he! If I were one of the aforementioned three groupings that were riding this Capitalist train that feeds us a crust and a sip of tea a day and rakes in millions upon millions in vast profits for small, medium and large business, I'd be doing the same thing. I'd have no problem whatsoever in playing the game that 'they've' created. How dare he pretend that he cares.

If, via some mad social engineering experiment that is the European Union, near on two million good souls arrive upon the shores of Blighty there is going to be a shortage of housing which Landlords mortgaged up to then hilt are going to take advantage of. If some of these two million tip up in an area that cannot sustain their presence, an economy, any bloody economy is going to become so disorganised a black market of job creation is going to quickly evolve and if these good souls make themselves available at our local Chicken factory where they'll be required to slaughter, pluck and process the poor dead beast, then they'll gain employment because they will work cheaper, better and more efficiently than me.

There's nothing difficult about this. Our economy and our so called economic recovery is based purely and simply on a plan hatched by Capitalists who've sold the idea to Brussels and all Western Governments as a means to make money from cheap labour.

And who's to bloody blame for this national, corporate and local business exploitation that sees millions of the people grafting away, day in, day out for a low wage and a room to share with ten others they've never met before? The bloody politicians! Your bloody Milliband, your Blair, your bloody Cameron and every single Minister and Parliamentarian who went along with this idea that servitude and bondage wasn't so bad as long as we did it because we and only we are the ones who can do it right.

It ain't the fault of the Gangmasters, the rogue Landlords and the unscrupulous Employers but, sadly for them, when the big economic book is written at the turn of the next few decades by some former Chancellor to the Exchequer, it'll be them that get the blame for all the things that went very wrong and there'll never be a single mention about the folly of allowing Big Business Conglomerates to run our lives and run our Country.

They're all liars. Detached and with no sense of guilt, they plough on, churning out lie after lie telling us that it's all going to be wonderful and better days are ahead. Bloody liars. Frankly, I'd much prefer it if they served me up bigger, better and more tempting offers rather the tell me about what they are and what they ain't going to cut. Tell me bigger lies to draw my limited attention away from the small lies. Tell me that if I vote for them I'll get a thrice monthly trolley dash around Lidl's or every night whilst I'm laid in bed scantily clad women will scurry up my drainpipe and demand that I make them pregnant because I am the most desirable man in the World. Tell me anything. Anything at all will do just make it more bloody unbelievable.

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And still they keep churning this sh.it out. Only today, in response to the latest wave of shipwrecked migrants, a Commissioner for the European Union announces, 'we are going to act to stop the evil of people trafficking'.

What a load of tripe! No mention of the West bombing most of the Middle East and causing these poor people to flee for their lives. Not a single backward glance to those who've managed to pay their fare on some leaking vessel because the families of the people in the Sub Sahara regions of Africa have got no bloody hope, no life and no chance of avoiding stepping onto a land mine that we flogged to their tormentors.

Good bloody grief!

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I ponder yes ponder at it all..last night, today and most certainly tomorrow! You see I thought continent migration would start because of climate change crop failures and the like. Wars would be fought based on the need for water but nope we humanity decided to accelerate the process ourselves initially placing little seeds that grow and destroy countries for government/corporate benefit. Now it has started more than a trickle as natural barriers claim some lives but hey what's in a number...they will still come because it's life or death. Whether your in a boat or an island your not gonna escape what's coming.Some say don't worry it's a remote threat over there not hear but that's now maybe not tomorrow but next year?

In years past we this once great nation explored the world and did many good things,many bad things and shared our love of rats that came along for the ride. We get Japanese Knotweed which is very destructive but nothing compared to Islamic State whose eyes are firmly set on Europe so we should be prepared for what is to come for it is coming be assured. IS feeds on young disaffected people and like a virus it's going to be impossible to control.


So Bobby47 we are screwed and its out of our hands other than putting our cross for Purple Ronnie even though he will form an alliance with his brother con. I saw Arthur Scargill today the old warrior but his eyes are tired his frame weak he still carries the scars of the blue whip across his back.


Me ...well it's escapism just now as I cast my gaze across a few Thomas Hardy titles but even then each title could be a reference to this crazy world ...Far from the Madding Crowd, Jude the Obscure, good old Tess and of course ...a Pair of Blues Eyes! That would be your favourite Bobby I feel sure of that after all Mr Slick has a lot to answer for mate.

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GK, another piece of good work. I do like your work kiddo. When I'm sober and can actually see the letters on this electronic keyboard, I'll respond more fully, particularly about Arthur Scargill who had the misfortune to take hold of the NUM after Joe Gormley gave up and fell off his perch.

I've given you a thumbs up but, given I'm blasted out of me brains and I've got lamb kebab meat and mayonnaise dripping from the mouth of my fat face, it's just as likely I've hit the wrong bloody button and given you a minus thumbs down.

My very warmest regards to you pal.

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