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Hereford Locality Weekly Briefing W/E March 13th

Colin James

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Thank you to Councillor Chris Chappell for providing this information.




Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks,


During the last week we are pleased to report that the reactive team in the locality completed the following works:


·         150 square metres of carriageway patching (potholes and other surface deterioration)

·         1 square metres of footway patching

·         10 gully’s cleared

·         7 fly tips removed

·         2 traffic sign plates re-fixed

·         3 litter picks.


Please see below a summary of our key activities within the Hereford Locality over the last week.

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Update from Shane (City South – Belmont, St Martins & Hinton, and Tupsley Wards; Rural – Backbury and Hollington Wards)


The above mentioned reactive works included –


Backbury Ward

·         Pothole repairs in Netherwood Lane

·         Replace missing gully cover on B4399 (Dinedor Mill Bridge to B4224)


Belmont Ward

·         Pothole repairs in Ruckhall Lane and Northholme Road

·         Footway repair in Romsey Drive

·         Flytips removed form Dorchester Way and Hunderton Road


Hollington Ward

·         Pothole repairs on C1228 (junction with C1266 to Haywood Road Farm)


St Martins & Hinton Ward

·         Pothole repair in Oak Avenue


Tupsley Ward

·         Pothole repairs in Heywood Avenue. 


This week I have –


  • Inspected and raised a works order for bushes to be cut back in Glastonbury Close to improve visibility
  • Raised a defect in respect of footway deterioration on Holme Lacy Road
  • Raised a defect in respect of carriageway deterioration in Eign Road
  • Raised defects for potholes in Litchfield Avenue
  • Carried out enquiries into a land boundary issue at Upton Bishop
  • Carried out 19 NRSWA (street works) inspections
  • Raised an order for a hedge to be cut back on Haylease Crescent footway
  • Raised a defect in respect of a pothole in Charles Witts Avenue
  • Raised a defect in respect of a pothole junction Marlbrook Road and Mayberry Avenue
  • Approved a dropped crossing request for a resident in Birch Grove
  • Removed a fallen tree from a PROW in Fownhope (FWA6F)


Update from Mike (City North – Aylestone, Central, St Nicholas, and Three Elms Wards; Rural – Credenhill and Hagley Wards)


This week I have – 


·         Completed the annual Moorfields safety inspection (43 roads)

·         Carried out the monthly inspection of the electronic variable message signs in the City Centre

·         Reported on damaged safety barriers on C1197

·         Reported on 2 x trees in Hilary Drive/ requested tree survey

·         Raised 5 x ad hoc c/way pothole repairs in Three Elms Road and Bakers Lane

·         Inspected and passed 11 x NRSWA (street works) jobs and inspected and failed 2 x jobs

·         Reported to environmental health a fly tip in Huntington Lane

·         Inspected 3 x locations for scaffolding licence applications

·         Addressed a f/way pooling issue outside Saxtys,  Widemarsh Street and raised a further order for drainage clearance works here

·         Raised an urgent Cat 1 footway defect repair in King Street

·         A438 near Tarrington – raised orders for grips to be cut

·         Spoken to farmer at Kilforge Farm with regard to mud on the c/way on U72004 and ordered signs / clean up to be attended to

·         Approved 1 x dropped crossing request in Kempton Avenue

·         Removed a footway obstruction in Barrs Ct Road



Update from Phil (Rural – Burghill, Holmer & Lyde, and Sutton Walls Wards)


Hereford rural works –


·         9.3.15 Pothole defects raised -  A438 by the Cock of Tupsley X 1 , Netherwood lane X 9,  C1144 Lumber lane X 4,   A438 by the hospice X 1, Thinghill Lane X 5.  Enquiry for resurfacing Traherne Close passed to asset team. Evening PC meeting in Marden.

·         10.3.15 Potholes defects raised -  on Munstone Lane X 1, Attwood Lane X 2, Coldwells road X 7 and Shelwick lane X 1 . I also removed a fly tipped Gas bottle on Church Road.  In the afternoon I had a parish walk around Holmer & Shelwick with Mr Phipps and Cllr Robertson where several enforcement issues have been identified.

·         11.3.15      Delivery of litter picker equipment back to Thorn following a successful community litter pick organised by Cllr Robertson.  Call out to Marden to remove graffiti passed on by Alison Sutton.  Site visit to Urdimarsh & the Vauld to inspect patching works.



Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) is pleased to invite you to one of two parish briefings in the Thorn office training room in Hereford (address indicated at the bottom of this email) planned on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th March 2015.


There will be a presentation followed by the opportunity to raise questions and queries regarding the Public Realm Annual Plan for 2015/16. The two evenings will provide the same information and we hope one of the dates will be  suitable for you.


The briefing is planned from 7-8.30pm each evening and is open to two people from each parish/ town council, to help ensure we can accommodate someone from each area. There is plenty of car parking space adjacent to the office.


Please would you advise BBLP by email on which evening you wish to attend, and indicate how many attendees you will bring.


Herefordshire Council website is the one-stop-shop for up to date information

Maps for pot holes are available on the Councils website –



We hope the above is of interest.


Kind regards

Shane, Mike & Phil.


Shane Hancock | Senior Locality Steward (Hereford – City South)


Balfour Beatty Living Places | Unit 3, Thorn Business Park | Rotherwas | Hereford | HR2 6JT

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Glad to see works to the bushes in Glastonbury Close will finally get sorted.


I am confused why BB are removing Flytipping? Since it's not part of the BB contract and Flytipping is usually undertaken by EHTS?


Yes they were having a good look at these tree's last week, so will be good to have them cut right back, I hope that they don't just give them a quick trim as that will be a waste of time.

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Dippy. My Settee ( not really mine , but helps with identification ) is still in location , now joined by 3 black bags . Read the updates from Phil ( Burghill ) with interest - even though the settee has been in the ditch for 21 days there was no mention of it in the report. Nor was anything close to Tillington reported in his report .

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