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A Warning To Dog Walkers.


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This morning (Thursday 12th March 2015) my wife was walking our two dogs in the old Whitecross School field off Baggally Street with another dog walker.

Across the field was a young-ish male (Mid 20s, dark hair, tall, wearing a light blue hoody) walking a Springer Spaniel puppy.

As dogs do, a couple went over to say a doggy hello to the Springer pup.  Upon which the chap walking it became very agitated and started gesticulating wildly to my wife and the other walker.

His behaviour rapidly escalated and he began threatening to kick the dogs in the throat if they didn't get them away NOW!  My wife and her friend pointed out that it was an open field where lots of people let their dogs run around, to which he accused the chap with my wife of letting his dogs attack his puppy.  Which, I can vouch is extremely unlikely as the dogs in question are the most placid dogs you could meet.

The chap with my wife pointed out that this wasn't true, to which the young man threatened "To put him in the ground!"

At this point my wife and her friend decided to make a hasty retreat and leave, to which the young man continued to gesticulate wildly at them, shouting "Oi!  Where you going? Eh?"

My wife was left extremely upset and shaken by this experience as you can imagine.

I thought it might be an idea to warn other readers to be aware.


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Whilst the dog owner did not handle the situation well I can relate to his apparent concerns about other dogs off the lead .he would not be aware of how docile the approaching dogs are .


I have a Golden Retriever dog who has been snapped at by two dogs off the lead and about 30m from the owner , my dog Charlie was on the lead . He now cowers when passing similar dogs off the lead . It's only good fortune and quick action by me that he wasn't bit .


Do I act in the same way as the person described in this forum - NO , but like most dog owners I would protect my dog to my last breath .

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Ubique, I understand what you are saying completely, but the actions of this chap were completely out of order.

There is a huge difference between a dog going up and having a sniff at another dog and one that is going to act in an aggressive manner.

The young man in question threatened my wife that he was going to kick our dogs in the throat and head, which by the way are a Springer and a Cocker Spaniel - not exactly the most aggressive of canine breeds.  The springer is too scared of other dogs to even go near most, and the cocker just wants to play with everything.

Then, when he squared up to the friend of my wife and threatened to 'put him in the ground?'

Seriously, there is looking after your dog and there is acting like a complete lunatic.

The lad in question was seen later roaming the streets near the old Whitecross School, without dog by now, looking in people's houses, I'm not saying he was up to anything suspicious, but his actions are not those of a normal person, surely?

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Whilst I agree the actions of this person are totally out of order, I have had several bad experiences of dogs off the lead being aggressive to mine on a lead. If you let your dog off the lead, you must be in full control of it. This includes your dog obeying all call back commands. Whilst you may think your dog is not aggressive, an old person with a small pet may not realise that. I like to think I can have a peaceful stroll with my dog on a lead without having to worry about whether an approaching unrestrained dog is friendly or not.

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