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Imagine the good we could do!


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If we were out of this dreadful European Union. Imagine if we didn't have the free movement of people, there was no such thing as an economic migrant, our Country wasn't packed to the rafters and our public services didn't have to cater for 2.7 million who've arrived here since the beginning of the last decade.

There'd be no more employers and landlords exploiting the vulnerability of the economic migrants, wages wouldn't be driven further down, rents wouldn't be driven up making it harder for the indigenous population to make a living, the economic model of capitalism would soon be shattered and our society would become fairer and more balanced because our economic growth wasn't based upon employers winning huge profits from the hard labour of people.

Just think what we could then do. Imagine the good things that would be so easy for us to deliver. No longer tied and bound by this overwhelming stupid social engineering disaster, we could open our arms to those who ain't economic migrants who's ethos is simply to earn money. We'd be able to welcome and embrace people who simply wanted a life. Yes, a life. People who want to live without the presence of war and barbarity. People who desperately want to leave the dust bowl of chaos they now live in and come to Great Britain

Just look at the people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Sub Continent and countries from Africa! You don't have to travel too far to see how desperately harsh life has become for these people. Travel to Calaise and ready yourself for the crossing. You only have to reach a few miles from the Port of Calaise to see all these poor people waiting for nightfall in the hope of hanging onto a vehicles back axle and being given the slim chance to arrive in our Country.

They ain't aiming to us just because they want a house, some benefits and to dress in some western clothes and they ain't coming to us because they wish us harm. Many have travelled a third of the way across the globe because they want a life. Just to live without war and hunger.

Why can't we give these people a life. What's so wrong with helping these people. I fully realise that we cannot help them now because we can't cope with the numbers of people we have but if we weren't tied and bound to this bloody European Union, imagine the good things that we could do.

Our great Country has done great things before and we can do these great things again if only we'd wake up from this daze and realise that the only beneficiaries of this lunatic like arrangement are the rich, the wealthy employers and those bloody mandarins perched up in Brussels creating mayhem and chaos across the world.

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There was a piece on the news tonight about a lovely Syrian family who'd managed to escape the bloodbath in their homeland. Their good fortune that enabled them to get here? The poor husband and father had a particularly aggressive cancer to his leg and Great Britain agreed to take him and his family and provide his medical care.

He's had his treatment, his leg is amputated, they're housed up North and watching the whole family walk together up their new street, hand in hand and happy that the nightmare is over made me want to weep because so very little has made these lovely people so happy and they can now enjoy a life together and have hope for the future.

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There's an elite of billionaires gobbling up what's left of middle and working class people's cash, making them work harder, for longer and for less.  The extent of this uncontrollable greed has managed to scrape into the news recently (surprisingly) and is pretty much unstoppable.  These vermin have control of the message and this is the main thing preventing fairness, equality and a return to anything resembling humane values and general goodness / niceness / empathy for your fellow human breaking out.


National governments, populated by selfish, careerist types are either in thrall to these filthy pigs or deep into their pockets, lost and never to return.  That's the disease that's pretty much taken hold of societies across the western world.  These creatures control the message and because they OWN the media, it's they who keep on-message journalists like AF Neil, Andrew Marr and the four eyed BBC Tory swine whose name escapes me dripfeeding "the news" in return for a fat salary, with highly-rewarded editors being told what the latest headlines are:




  • Islamic terror, apparently.  (It used to be the Russian ICBM threat but that's pretty much downgraded these days, so we needed to replace that genuine threat with something else, keep a deterrent and keep people in jobs making the intercontinental WMDs that are needed to stop hate-filled cowardly masked men armed with swords)
  • Foreigners 'filling up' your country and expecting a life on benefits
  • Home based idlers, breeding and thriving on benefits (soon to be cut to ONLY £23,000 per year - so runs the propaganda)
  • Anyone Romanian, itinerant or Gypsy
  • 70s DJs, comedians, pop-stars, minor celebrities
  • ...many more...




  • Population going up, up, up with each new generation and on into the stratosphere
  • Finite oil and mineral resources running out, swept along by breakneck capitalism which gobbles up everything and either pays lip service or puts two fingers up to any suggestion of sustainable growth
  • Global warming.  Sod it.  Not gonna happen in our lifetime.  (If the oceans do rise, we're on our yachts, pulling the ladder up, watching you panic, putting a well-placed foot on you and your family's heads until you stop your ghastly thrashing)
  • Feeding and housing the ever-growing poorer population. (But tally-ho chaps; we can always demonise and devalue them, making them appear unworthy, dangerous and even dispensable)
  • The current UK government.  No, no threats there.  They've got everybody's best interests at heart.  (We're all in it together)
  • VIP paedophiles; child abusers connected to Royalty, Government, the judiciary, the police and the security services. (No, move along, nothing to see.  No threat there)
  • ...many more...
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Fly me to the Moon and the Court of St James. I always wondered why there was a race to get there. Forget the Fracking just "Drill baby drill" as the article tells us.
States are quietly preparing to secure fuel for the fourth generation of nuclear weapons, and China is winning.
The Little Flyer mission lasted eight days and its primary objective was to conduct atmospheric re-entry tests on the Chang’e 5 capsule design which will be launched by 2017. The destination on the lunar surface for Chang’e 5, like that of the Yutu Jade Rabbit rover, is the Mare Imbrium also known as the Sea of Rains, one of the vast lunar crater seas visible from Earth and a known repository of high concentrations of helium-3. This now puts China strongly in the lead in the secret space race between states to secure helium-3, which has one of the highest known energy return on investment ratios while also being a fourth-generation nuclear weapons fuel.
In the words of former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, “The Moon contains 10 times more energy in the form of helium-3 than all the fossil fuels on the earth.â€
Civitatis International is committed to promoting peace, dialogue and cooperation between nations and civilizations by convening Policy Seminars for Ambassadors to the Court of St. James's.
A truly impartial global foundation for international peace, Civitatis International welcomes representatives of all nations to our Policy Seminars.
Over the next half decade, Civitatis International will establish Policy Seminars for Ambassadors in more countries.
Over the coming decade, Civitatis International will work towards the establishment of a private forum of former Heads of State and Government and international stakeholders.
We welcome proposals for partnership from governments and stakeholders towards these aims.
Civitatis International was founded in Germany at a Council of Europe sponsored conference by our Chairman Mr. Jan Mortier.


Seems like a contradiction here with these two bodies - war and peace?
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