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The 13 worst Christmas Trees in Britain. How does Hereford compare?


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"The 13 Worst Christmas Trees in Britain"







Liscard's Christmas tree among 'worst' in Britain

LISCARD'S Christmas tree has made it onto a list of the worst Christmas trees in Britain.

The town's festive display was given a spruce-up earlier this month after residents set up a Facebook page complaining about the "depressing" tree.

The page, called Liscard Christmas Lights, showed the solitary tree - donated by nearby Primark - surrounded by a metal fence, secured in concrete blocks.

A post on Facebook said: â€œWe know we are not Liverpool or Birkenhead, but as a community and customers of all the local shops in Liscard all year round we deserve better from Wirral council and the businesses.â€

While the tree is now adorned with a set of colourful new lights, complemented with decorated lampposts - following £9,500 funding from Wallasey constituency committee - the display has still made it onto BuzzFeed's list of "The 13 Worst Christmas Trees in Britain".

Coming in seventh place, BuzzFeed's new reporter Patrick Smith writes: "It now has some fancy lights but the festive health-and-safety fence remains."


While Liscard may not have the most glamorous festive display, BuzzFeed shows that is by no means the worst with Haddenham in Cambridgeshire, Streatham, north Oxford, Oakham, Mottram and Mier in Stoke-On-Trent all considered "worse".

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Not having seen the tree, mostly because whenever I stagger up Commercial Road, I get dragged into the Commercial and become deeply involved in a 'round', Im guessing the High Town tree is considerably less attractive than the Old Market tree. As for the latter, I'll never see it because I refuse to ever set foot in the place.

I'll be damned if I do. Im a High Town man. I've always been a High Town man and I'll forever be a High Town man and I'll never allow myself to tippy toe inside that monument to stupidity and involve myself in one single financial transaction.

Id sooner starve thank you very much indeed!

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They have two Bobby & are very nice specimens.It's a shame some stupid idiot thought hacking branches off the one in High Town was a good idea.
Had a wonderful time in town & Old Market yesterday with grand children,anyone else see the bloke with the big green balloon outside Wilko,very funny.

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