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Glenda Powell

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Message I received from BBLP today.


Work to be carried out on pedestrian controlled lights at the Oval, Belmont road.


On 30th November there will be single lane traffic control through the working area facilitated by temporary two way traffic signals. Traffic entering Belmont road from Beattie Ave will be able to feed into this two way control. Traffic wishing to turn right into Beattie Ave from Belmont road will be diverted around the Tesco roundabout to prevent conflict. It is anticipated that this traffic control will only be required during the morning, with work that continues into the afternoon being carried out in such a way that two way flow of traffic can be reinstated.


On the 6th December the traffic will be controlled more locally using " stop and go" boards as required


Locality manager (Belmont)


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I appreciate when the work is going to start - I was just being frivolous- apologise - I did not want to start a new post - I had to take Mrs U , wearing her SSAFA hat to see a lady in Whitecross, a few streets back from the local Tesco , it took us 17 minutes from Whitecross School . Madness , just a warning of what's to come nearer Christmas .

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