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Asda GP Centre Sealed Off.


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When I was informed yesterday as Ward member, it was implied that this was a formality until the test results came back today. In any event it was likely that the walk in centre would have been closed for an infections inspection following a severe bout of v and d!


It does show how important it has been to have the walk in health centre in South Wye. I hope that the Wye Valley Health Trust will not look to closing it. When as Chairman of the South Wye Regeneration Partnership, we wanted to get the health centre to ASDA, as part of the ASDA/flood defences/ Kindle Centre/ bowling club, planning gain, it was important to get the then Health Authority to come there, I agreed to a five to seven year rent free period, after that they had to pay rent, which is now what the WVHT does.

Good value over the years but in these money cutting times I hope they will not find the rent a step to far.

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One of the Counties NHS bosses said on BBC Hereford and Worcs that the patient went to ASDA drop in because he felt that he had the symptoms of an infectious disease ......perhaps , he should have stayed at home and sought assistance from there . Just a thought . Good to hear all well , hope he makes a full recovery.


Sure that there will be a full review of the action taken from the initial action taken by the Drop In Surgery ,Ambulance First Responders right through the system .

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