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Lobby Your MP please.


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In this age of poverty that sees good people reliant upon food banks, hand me downs and any help they can get from friends and relatives, isn't it crazy that the State demands that we all waste.

It's true. It's madness but it's all entirely true. Nowadays if you live in Social Housing and you die and you've no surviving spouse or partner, you've no relatives and you do not leave a sworn will, every single piece of furniture, fixtures, fittings and household equipment gets removed from that home and it's thrown on the tip.

No matter how good the carpets are, no matter how recently they were laid they go straight to the tip. It's the same with a lovely new three piece suite, a television or any other piece of household property that you can think of, no matter if it's only a few days old, it all goes into the Council refuse tip.

And this ain't the fault of the Council. Im given to understand that because of agreed protocols at national level, every single local authority up and down the Country does exactly the same. It seems to me to be a madness that we can't allow our local authorities to judge the condition of a now empty Council house and make use of something that another family would love and appreciate. It makes no bloody sense.

They tick boxes for this, that and the other to satisfy the EU that they are recycling yet they are compelled to throw away perfectly good stuff because of some silly and outdated rule, law or protocol that demands we throw away perfectly good property so that we can say, 'nobody has appropriated an advantage following the death of this poor soul. And that's all it is! Nothing else. We are throwing away vast quantities of household stuff just so that nobody can be critical at some later date.

This is what I'd like you to do and by doing it you'll help the weak, the poor and the vulnerable within our society. Please contact your MP, either Mr Norman or Mr Wiggin and ask them to represent your view that this is waste on a grand scale and consideratiin should be given to amend this national agreed protocol and give our Councils some freedom to dispose of property in a more sensible way and allow commonsense to replace the madness that sees this activity going on every single day of the year

My very warmest regards. Please help.

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Yes we do seem to live in a throw away society.

Considering the government are always banging on about recycling & the environment, it does seem a bit hypercritical of them to have this policy on this…of bin it instead of…do know wot I'm sure someone could make good use of that?!

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Slightly off-thread, perhaps, but I felt this choice ministerial broadside should not go un-reported.


In a withering attack this week on the hapless London Borough of Tower Hamlets, where he has sent in no less that three commissionaires to clean out that authority's Augean Stables, Eric 'Two Dinners' Pickles referred to 'a deeply concerning picture of obfuscation, denial, secrecy, an absence of democratic scrutiny and a culture of cronyism.'


Ring any bells?

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