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Changes to Hereford City Bus Services from 31 August 2014


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Herefordshire’s bus services will reduce from 31 August 2014 as part of the council’s aim to save £33m by 2017. Following the public consultation our priority is to retain support for the core network and rural lifeline services.
The table below shows those services which will be affected by the changes. For more information on individual services, please:
Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy , this is a first draft of the August 2014 timetable and is indicative of the new services and may therefore be subject to change. We will update our website with any changes as soon as we can.

71/71A Hereford - Credenhill 
Revised timetable, evening journeys Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn but provided without subsidy by First on Friday and Saturday evenings. Revised Sunday service provided without subsidy by First. Most journeys will terminate at Hereford City Bus Station
72 Hereford - Bobblestock 
Revised timetable, evening journeys Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn but provided without subsidy by First on Friday and Saturday evenings
74/74A Hereford - Newton Farm 
Revised timetable, late evening journeys Mondays to Thursdays withdrawn but provided without subsidy by First on Fridays and Saturdays. Revised Sunday service provided without subsidy by First
75/75B Hapton Park - Hereford 
Revised timetable. One early Saturday morning journey, evenings and Sunday service withdrawn
78 Rotherwas - Hereford 
Off peak service withdrawn. Alternative journeys provided by revised 454 service
79A Hereford - Putson - Redhill 
Revised Sunday service provided without subsidy by First
88/88A Hereford - The Pastures/Saxon Gate 
Minor revision to timetable


The 74/74A service I use has the following last daily buses scheduled to run at:


Last bus back to Newton Farm Monday to Thursday evenings 7:05pm.

Last bus back to Newton Farm Friday evening 9:05pm.

Last bus back to Newton Farm Saturday evening 11:35pm.

Last bus back to Newton Farm Saturday evening 6:15pm.


Where the subsidy is withdrawn can the over 60's still use their bus passes?


Has Cllr Rone declared an interest when deciding these cuts as he appears to have a pecuniary interest in us using taxis later in the evening?


Cllr Rone's statement from Council News today.


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Chairman of a taxi company and also works as a taxi driver. surely a conflict of interest!

Withdrawl of evening bus services will be a real blow to some people, i used to live in kington and I relied on the evening buses to go out in the evening and various other social things, never really used the buses during working hours.  If i still lived there now it would be a disaster, i would be socially isolated, who can afford a taxi back to kington?

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Thursday 9 October 2014 in Hereford Times Letters

HAVING seen the new routes for local buses, I am surprised by the odd way the council encourages people to visit Hereford city centre, which I assume is still High Town, containing as it does three banks, the Butter Market, a major shop (M&S) and a useful street leading to the cathedral.
Leaving out the route through Union Street, St Peter’s Square and St Owen Street seems perverse, and suggesting we should trudge along Widemarsh Street with its weird paving, and desert the historic city centre in favour of some new (though well-advertised shops instead), will add quite a distance to our shopping mileage.
I am unhappy about this attempt to downgrade High Town even more, as the mixture of shops and banks is still better than in the new complex.
I also dislike the feeling we are being coerced, even subliminally, into adding to its depression by shopping elsewhere.


Since they have changed the timetables, it is pointless going out in the evenings with the last bus returning (74 service) at 7:05pm Monday to Friday. Expensive taxi trade must have been boosted by this decision and more people put back on the roads in their cars.


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Consider yourself lukcy, at least you have the option of walking home!

for me that would take at least 2 hours, and probably would never survive it if attempted the walk after a few drinks. So there we have it, unless i'm felling wealthy enough for a taxi the hereford night time economy is dead for me. Also our local pup does not serve food so I really don't have any options.

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The joys of living in the countryside! I used to live and work in a small hamlet just north of Leominster for 11 years and I would never put myself in that situation again. To do anything like get a newspaper or milk you have to get in your car to drive miles to a shop. This is why there is a great desire for younger people to live in towns and cities where they can find jobs and have places of entertainment. Living in Hereford I don't need a car and hire one when necessary otherwise I use my bike.

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Thursday 15 January 2015 in Hereford Times Letters

BEING slightly disabled and not being able to afford a car (let alone taxis), to avoid becoming socially isolated, I recently obtained a new bus timetable.
I was horrified. Many buses had been cancelled, and especially so in the evenings. Routes 71 and 72 run along either Whitecross Road (71 to Credenhill via Kings Acre) or Whitecross (72 to Bobblestock via Moor Farm).
The last buses to leave Hereford are: 71 to Credenhill weekdays 7.30pm, Saturday 10.55pm, Sunday 5.45pm; 72 to Bobblestock weekdays 6.15pm, Saturday 8.35pm, Sunday none.
The last buses to Hereford are: 71 from Credenhill weekdays 7.47pm, Saturday 11.14pm, Sunday 6.04pm; 72 from Bobblestock weekdays 8.49pm, Saturday 6.02pm, Sunday none. The 71 leaves Hereford at 8.35pm on Friday only.
The result is that these cuts will badly affect the quality of life of people in similar circumstances to mine in my area and others will be similarly affected.
STEVE WHEELER Whitecross Road, Hereford


These cuts must affect a lot of people, ie those working in the supermarkets, hospital and care homes. Good business for the taxi companies if you can afford the fares. Not much imagination from either the bus companies or the council in providing a decent service. Newton Farm is cut off after 7.05pm during the week, no point in going out if you can't get back - not very good for our businesses providing evening meals and entertainment. 

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I know Steve Wheeler....he's quite a character!


Good on him for putting pen to paper and highlighting this.


I agree Megilleland, all these new eateries and the cinema, and yet in such a rural area, it's getting harder and harder to get from A to B and back again.


The only winners will be the taxi companies....that's if you can get your fare accepted!

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