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King Bobby's on his way to becoming a legend!!!


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Whadayamean, 'on his way to becoming a legend?, our Good king Bobby has been a 'leg end' for ages. I chose my punctuation wisely, if there is an injustice, a wrong doing or even a topic that requires addressing, our King Bobby is there to 'put he boot in'.

Long may he reign, and we, his humble followers be behind him, (a long way behind) for ever.

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The word will spread far and wide, that Our King Bobby is as mad as a fish! His daily show in Capuchin Yard will be reprised, and folks will gather from near and far to watch in awe! Tourism will be on the up, B and B's will be booked months in advance, and you won't be able to get a table in The Commercial for neither love nor money!


Things are looking up people!

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Forget the Herefordshire Tourism Board , I am sure that within a few weeks tourists ( not football supporters ) will be flocking to this fine City to meet and listen to our King ( just hope that melons are still in season , by then ,if they are still on Bobbys cart the original melons will have passed being rancid ! )

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