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Do women really want the right to fight on the frontline of battle?


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That's the question I ask myself nowadays whenever I see the New Labour front bench and the far left feminist lobby groups crying out begging the public to believe that 'Men are to blame'. What do the girls really want for themselves?

I love women. I really do. They are extraordinarily beautiful, they listen, they're compassionate and considerate to all, they're highly intelligent, better than men in so many many areas of life and they are adequately gifted with cunning and guile. In fact, I'll go further, in the main women are the cleverer of our species and Im glad that our society is beginning to mirror the changes that equality brings.

But, and this is the thing, in our thirst to make all equal and our near on hysterical obsession in trying to create the perfect society we now choose to ignore things that women were never designed to do.

Fighting for example. And I don't mean scratching, pulling hair and twirling a handbag about. Im on about stabbing some human in the guts with a bayonet, blowing their brains out with a bullet and worse, wresting another to the ground, gouging their eyes out and doing extraordinarily violent things to ensure you survive and your enemy doesn't.

And so, here we are today committed to allowing women to fight on the frontline during war and conflict so that the far left, 'Men are to blame' gang can celebrate another area of masculinity conquered in the name of equality.

Course, the politicians and the mandarins at the top of the Armed Forces pile will say, 'only those women who have passed the rigorous selection process will be allowed to face the enemy and roll around in the killing and the blood. I promise you one thing, women will pass that selection process. They'll pass because the politicuans, the mandarins and the feminist lobby groups will demand they pass.

In time the bar will be lowered ensuring that a seven stone woman will be given the opportunity to venture onto the frontline. Of course there'll be problems, the commanding officer will deploy this soldier a little further back from the front line than the feminist lobby groups would like, the army will get sued and before you know it the front of the battle, the killing zone will be littered with women who can barely carry their share of the load let alone fight and kill some deranged adversary who came charging over the hillock to happily find he was faced with fighting a young lady who represented Western Values that proclaim everyone is equal in the eyes of The Lord and our disfunctional society.

Fighting on the front line is not some game that can be played out from a distance watching a screen and pressing a button to dispatch your enemy. It's a simply dreadful arena to be in and women are not designed to do this. By taking this step the lives of men will be placed in danger. Not because the woman lacks courage and bravery and not because she can't hit the bullseye from eighty yards. It'll be because she was not designed by God to do what men are often required to do. Kill and create havoc and then manage to live with it for the rest of their lives.

There are difference between men and women and it has absolutely nothing to do with courage, how fast you can run a mile, how many press ups you can do and how good you are shooting on the firing range. The difference is entirely down to design and when Lee Rigby was slaughtered and the killer charged at the female Police officer, the stark difference in men and women was illustrated. The brave young lady Police Officer pulled out her Glock pistol and delivered a number of shots. These shots, and there were many and all delivered from very close range, all missed the target area of the killers body. Why? Because men and women are different and our society cannot be made perfect simply to accommodate a desire to get some young woman slaughtered and allow the left wing feminist lobby groups to create for themselves a hero for woman's rights.

I say to all the women, you've got the vote, you've become more empowered in the bedroom, you've got lovely fitted kitchens to knock up a lovely breakfast, you are fully entitled to drive and now you've taken moreorless everything else from us, have a heart, show some pity and leave us with the violence of fighting on the frontline of battle.

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Bobby -read your post twice to ensure that with my experience in a past life I could either agree or disagree with you. Perhaps some are thinking that my mind should have been made up a long time ago - it was not. Because I never thought that the day would come when if happened.


I agree with you Bobby , We all know that in Afgan there have been and still are female combat medics doing a wonderful , brave and courageous job, there is many a Squaddie who was not concerned who treated him as long as he was treated . The brave members of the ArmedForces who are on board the MERT Chinooks are both male and female.


But Front Line.........


My thoughts now are that Bobby is right and will be until I am convinced differently.

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In a perfect world, there would be no war.


Neither men or women would have to endure the horrors of front line combat.


Sadly our world is far from perfect.


I have to say. my personal view point is that women should not fight on the front line....others may disagree!

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Bobby, someone has got to say it, "I'd rather face the PLO than PMT",

But joking aside, I have to agree with you.

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', or when defending her offspring, but to fight and kill, just because some overpaid politician says so, I don't think so, they are far too sensible for that.

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War is about logistics, facts, results.


Like it or not, women are influenced more by emotions - it's just how they are built. And this could become a problem on the battlefield.

It's not sexist or prejudice, it's logical, in the same way that you wouldn't put a blind tank driver on a battlefield. There's no place for political correctness or pandering to social idiots during times of war.


That said, I've always been of the opinion that it doesn't matter who someone is as long as they get the job done properly.

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