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Ross Road... What the


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Is going on there? There are orange barriers all over the road, HC's yearly quota of traffic cones, lanes have been reduced to 1 and now have temporary traffic control with short changes.

One sign said "for 4 weeks", I'm not kidding, if that is there tomorrow morning, there are going to be some SERIOUS traffic problems. 8.30pm tonight and it's backed up to the bridge and past the Broadleys.


And, to be quite honest, I'm starting to get really sick of having to take long detours to get to where I need to be just to avoid sitting in traffic.


Go take a drive down there now, I dare you!

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Indeed, surface water throughout the county has been a major issue since Amey stopped clearing gulleys 10 years ago, contributing to the collapse of our road structure through flood and freeze. I've reported dozens and dozens over recent years and not a single one has been actioned. Yesterday, I noted the new tarmac at the Barton Rd junction with the ring road was laid to a gulley that was blocked solid - does no one have any pride in the job anymore? Having said that, I did see a sludge gulper in Kyrle Street last week - that WAS a first!

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 Sorry but its about bloody time the problems with surface water on that road was addressed.



The works yesterday were around the petrol station. In all fairness, I've never seen any issue of surface water on that part of the road.


Perhaps anyone who dares to venture outside today can let us know what that part of the road is like?

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