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Newmarket street shared space


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I have come to the conclusion the new pedestrian Shared Space crossing arrangements on Newmarket Street are not safe through bitter experience.


When crossing with young children to the cinema it is anxiety ridden as the staggered crossing and lack of kerbs or barriers are confusing.

No warning is given to vehicle drivers to beware of pedestrians, so drivers may not be as pedestrian friendly as we'd like.


As a driver I've noticed the 20mph limit is ignored by many drivers.


As a cyclist the narrow lanes and changed priorities, which allow turns onto Widemarsh Street, are difficult to negotiate and complicated.  Cars want to pass when the room is not there and keeping safe is a problem.   


Yesterday I was in the car travelling towards Franklin House and saw a driver do a U turn straight across the pedestrian area between the bike stands!


Anyone know if there are any plans to improve it?





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I had 2 lots of people stepping out in front of my car at the Costa crossing the other day. 

Both of them were shortcutting the crossing and not paying attention to either their or my lights.


I find the crossings fine if you open your eyes and cross where you're supposed to. I don't know why the Next end crossing is staggered as this just leads 90% of people to cross the road between the cars and not at the lights.

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Hi Magic!


This isn't really "shared space".


To be shared space, there would be no traffic lights for a starter!


Drivers still have their eyes on the lights, rather than the pedestrians or cyclists around them. I too have found the staggered crossing an issue....folks just think they can wander across from the middle bit, without moving along to the next pedestrian crossing.


Not sure how I feel about this, but I have seen it happen...when emergency vehicles are trying to get through, cars are pulling straight over into the beige middle bit.

This is great for those trying to get past at speed, but with folks wandering up and down this stretch, I do think it could be an accident waiting to happen.

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