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Councillor Price ITV news today at ESG!!


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Philip Price interviewed standing by ESG on ITV news Midlands today.

How embarrassing. 

Hereford wants to attract business and has food and security service as the main attraction to businesses, according to Cllr Price.

Foodies alert!!  Typical!  The same old same old food chains attract foodies?  Pull the other one!  Must be joking!  (shaking head)

I honestly think he really believes these food chains are something special.  He is showing Herefordians up as if we were ignorant country yokels - which we certainly are not.  The new chains Nandos etc are welcome here for people who enjoy that kind of choice for eating out, but none of us think they will attract visitors.  May as well advertise the two MaccyDs!?


Sadly, the ESG looked dull, soul-less and pretty poor on the big screen.


The elusive 800 new homes due to be on the site were also mentioned.


Introduction explained livestock market moved to Roman Road as it was hard to access for farmers.  

The ease of access to the new shops and cafes was not touched on.


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I really regret doling out personal criticism to Cllr Price.

Although I didn't ask him to book himself a PR slot on the ITV news today

He must be doing his very very best for Herefordshire.

Surely there is someone more suitable for the job - now, not in 2015 - I shudder at the prospect of yet another 12 months of this incompetence.

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I saw it Magic. The whole lot. The entire bucket full. And once the piece was finished, so desperate was I to do something to take my mind off of what I'd viewed and stop myself kicking in the screen of my own Television Set, I went on the Internet and watched the full and unedited coverage of the Execution of Saddam Hussein.

To think that witnessing the death of another man made me feel a whole lot better about getting through the remainder of the day without moaning and groaning, on and on, about that unholy salty hulk that's become our shining beacon of hope for a better future.

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How could I have missed this???


I shall have to catch up on the i-player thingy!


Sounds as if it went really well.......!!!....but I don't expect the good folks who organise Ludlow Food Festival, will be quaking in their boots, at this public announcement that Nando's have arrived!

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