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30 jobs to go at Balfour Beatty


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I was just about to post about this story - I take an RSS feed off the Hereford Times site - this headline popped up and by the time I'd clicked the link to read it, it had been pulled. Not the first time this has happened with Balfour Beatty/Hoople/Council stories - I do believe there is a big red 'delete' button in Brockington Towers, fed direct to Holmer Road ...

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Whilst the HT does have a history of deleting off-message stories, there is the possibility that the correct procedures for redundancy haven't been gone through and someone has jumped the gun on this.  Consultation with staff, unions etc, offers of alternatives, asking for volunteers etc.  Also, if the staff themselves haven't been notified of the proposals it can be distressing, to say the least, to read it in the media.

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