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Anyone else been asked to complete survey by Jesse?


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This afternoon I had an invitation to complete Jesse Norman's survey " How am I doing".  Checking for feedback - impressive!! 


Quote:  "I am sending it to you as you have previously contacted me about casework or an issue of government policy that concerns you."


One of the survey questions was "Jesse puts constituents before his career"

Do I strongly agree; agree; neither disagree or agree; disagree; strongly disagree?


The other questions were more realistic.     :Hmm:  :Happy_32:   :Winky:



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I know that Jesse organised an e-vote on best shop, best pub etc in Hereford - he now seems to be promoting a similar one in Ross.  Is this a laudable attempt by the local MP to promote local business off his own bat or a Tory central office wheeze in the year before an election - raise profile and get get people's email addresses.


Norwich:    http://www.norwichconservatives.com/news/norwich-mp-launches-great-local-shop-competition

Hastings: http://amberrudd.co.uk/amber-kicks-off-small-business-saturday-with-independent-shop-competition/

Darwen and Rawtenstall: http://www.jakeberry.org/news/356/15/Jake-Berry-MP-Announces-Winners-of-Best-Independent-Shop-Competition.html



I could go on, but you get the idea.


As the general election is 14 months away, but campaigning not allowed until nearer the time, maybe Hereford Voice could have a special section to highlight disguised campaigning  by any party.   

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