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Trees Vandalised Outside City Centre Pub

Hereford Voice

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Vandals have decimated soon to blossom apple trees on the corner of the Herdsman Pub in blue School Street in what the Hereford Business Improvement District (HBID) describes as a “pointless act of sabotage”.


Planted by the HBID team in 2021 and maintained on a regualr basis, Mike Truelove, Chief Executive of HBID said “sometime between Friday 3rd February and early Saturday morning our crab apple trees were pulled from their planters and broken into bits. It is such a shame when local businesses funded them to make the area look nice for visitors - they were quite established and about to blossom in the coming months’’.

02_vandalisedtreesrepaired(2).thumb.jpeg.1d303c4d78bd5f2dc77a749ea031090a.jpeg 02_vandalisedtreesrepaired(3).thumb.jpg.a77d02352730384edf16d718faa9721c.jpg

Discovered by Chris Wood, manager for HBID’s planting and street enhancement operations, Chris quickly went about repairing and replacing the trees that sit inside the four cedar wood planters lining Blue School Street, another investment by HBID in 2021 and 2022 . Chris said “one of HBID’s top priorities now is to get the city ready for Spring and we wouldn’t let something like this get in the way”.


HBID is currently preparing for the arrival in May of over 450 hanging baskets and planters that will be given to HBID members who fund the company. Mike added “this year has been a challenge with rising prices and our previous fantastic supplier who sadly folded. Whilst the bar was set high, we have sourced a great product that I am confident will showcase the city and our businesses who invest to make Hereford the attractive place to visit and shop that it is”.

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