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  1. Cambo

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Totally agree Bobby macron banker turned president educated by jesuits is in my mind a dubious character…when he was elected at his swearing in ceremony he played the European anthem rather than his own French anthem La Marseillaise a kind of dress rehearsal one might think for when he’s crowned emperor of Europe I guess? But if he’s not careful he could end up with more of this on his face https://tenor.com/view/macron-oeuf-gif-7904929
  2. Cambo

    Christmas Dinner

    She’s cooked Christmas dinner every year for the last 36 years!…I think she also deserves a bloody medal roger…I hope you did the washing up?
  3. Cambo

    Reinstate Peter Beadle.

    Does your hunger strike included not going down to the commercial to sup a couple of pints of ale Bobby? & what about the pork scratchings you must be getting withdrawal symptoms surly?! but otherwise bobby I’m with you & support this noble cause of yours to starve yourself to within an inch of your life…in so much as that the board should sack themselves after first reinstating Pete Beadle! (not to be confused with the former Eastenders character Pete Beale) ps I know a good stonemason who’s willing to give you a good price on a headstone too being that it’s Black Friday!
  4. Cambo

    Brexit Is Finished.

    It reads as a nonsensical but clear I don’t want to jeopardise my ministerial job type of tweet…oh dear Jesse still sitting on the the Brexit barb wire fence…I wonder why he’s not nailed his colours to one mast or the other?…given he’s a career politician looking to get up the greasy pole & all that...you’d think Brexit would be the perfect opportunity for a aspiring politician to make a name for themselves? i think on the deal or no deal I’m prepared for a no deal…it’s was alway going to be a no deal in my mind especially as a number of prominent people namely Tony the evil one Blair his master of the evil spin Alastair Campbell,the wicked witch of wherever Anna Sudbury,Chuka the remain demon Umunna & Vince what the hell are you Cable along with the independent… since getting over their shock of Brexit have done nothing but divide the country in trying to get another vote by there doom & scare campaigns of terror we will face when we exit the Tower of Babel in Brussels instead of helping unify the country in us leaving the EU as was democratically decide in the referendum... couple that with a hard nosed bullying EU & the hardline brexiteers a deal in my mind was always going to be like a quest for the holy grail or getting to the end of the rainbow!! ok I’m off now to clear the shelves in the local supermarket in preparation for a no deal then…oh & to fill up a bowser with diesel too!
  5. Cambo

    80 New Homes for Clehonger

    Greed Denise pure & simple Take the form boss of persimmons Jeff Fairburn who’s just resigned by mutual agreement over a £75million pound bonus which was originally £100 million...its interesting to note that persimmons profited very well out of the government help to buy scheme so you’d have to ask why doesn’t the government force these developers to cap the price for there so called affordable homes?
  6. Cambo

    Freedom Church Cult

    I understand what you are saying Roger but I disagree with you as Hereford is the home of Freedom church so where better to start looking for other people who’s lives may have been ruined by them? It would be good if acitizen76 could give more detail on how there sister came to get involved with FC etc?
  7. Cambo

    Plans submitted for Uni & HCA accommodation

    if you were someone returning to Hereford after a few years,of being away,you could be forgiven for think that the old John Venn building,in bath street had been moved to the bottom of Aylestone hill…if returning from that direction! No it’s no good she’s still ugly…so how much is this ugly sister going to cost us more or less than her equally ugly sister down the road?
  8. Cambo

    Plans submitted for Uni & HCA accommodation

    Did they steal the drawings for this monstrosity from some old spy who came in from the cold from the former Soviet Union? along with the design of the super surgery down the road the poor old trains station is going to look well out of place stuck in between these two ugly sisters!
  9. Cambo

    Brexit Is Finished.

    https://youtu.be/oa0TtNUX68E A Brexit parody
  10. Cambo

    It never rains, but it pours at Plough Lane office

    Why does the council put it will be done within a budget of £400k?…surly it would be wise to get the quotes in first before letting potential bidders know what the budget is beforehand? im guessing these roofs are covered with roof metal sheeting? Which are not that difficult to take off & replace so again this money to do the works seem like it will be a very lucrative contract for whoever gets it?
  11. Cambo

    It never rains, but it pours at Plough Lane office

    I'm fairly certain that there was some working done on the roof of the plough lane offices?…exactly what work was carried out up on there I'm not sure of?…maybe Megilleland can dig out this information?
  12. Cambo

    Freedom Church Back In The News.

    Not had a chance to review this properly yet but I'd thought I'd post it anyway freedom churches annual returns for last financial year 2016/2017 http://beta.charitycommission.gov.uk/charity-details?regid=1161926&subid=0 http://apps.charitycommission.gov.uk/Accounts/Ends26/0001161926_AC_20170331_E_C.PDF
  13. In 2020 central government are stopping funding to local authorities…so how are this LA's going to fund service? Where will the money come from? How many of them will go bang? & if that happens what then?…after Theresa May's pathetic attempt at Brexit?…you have to wonder at the governments thinking,behind cutting the local LA's funding too?!…will this be the straw that breaks the camels back?
  14. Cambo

    First University academic building plans

    It beggars belief how much they are spending on doing this building up!…are the rooms to be gold plated? I guess when it's not your money who cares about the cost…yet again taxpayers being ripped off as for the design of the front of the building they might as well not both…its hideous & it would knock a million & a half off the cost?!
  15. Cambo

    Lost Opportunity

    Indeed it is a lost opportunity you'd of thought that after all that money spent on minimal roof repairs that at least SC Joseph's out the kindness of their hearts & as a civic gesture would of cleaned them up a bit for the city?!