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  1. Perfectly explained Bobby, thank you.
  2. Cabinet to Consider Hereford Bypass Routes

    So there are 7 options for a Western bypass, even though, going East would make more sense... Never mind. I think they should sod it all and build all 7 routes! There wouldn't be any congestion in town then would there? Everybody would be sitting at one set of the obvious traffic lights on one of the bypasses, waving at people stuck at traffic lights on one of the other bypasses.
  3. GWW and Balfour Beatty

    I a word Dilligaf; Not bloomin' likely! They (BBLP) cannot maintain their dog waste and rubbish bin emptying schedule, so I find it highly unlikely that they will bother to clear any fallen vegetation anytime soon. As for using a smaller vehicle... I think the Transit Pickup is their favoured device for all vehicular activities, is it not? I sent them some pictures to their Facebook page of a couple of dog poo bins that have been overflowing since before Christmas. So far, as of yesterday (07/01/2018) half of those bins were still overflowing... Doing their job of maintaining the "Living Places" does not seem to be one of their new years resolutions.
  4. New Signage In Hereford

    Are we on the London Underground now? That's expanded a bit, hasn't it? What Zone are we? 200?
  5. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Apart from the fact that she clearly isn't cycling on the pavement... The others, they are tools, but this lady is quite clearly walking with her bike.
  6. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    There is nothing wrong in the latest picture, the pavement from penhaligon way to the crossing is shared use.
  7. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    I agree, if you re-read pretty much all my posts, I am not defending people like the chap in the picture, far from it, I think they deserve to be punished as I have said more than once. What I have tried to do though, is attempt to bring some balance to the discussion. Something that I think nobody wants, so I will take my leave and let everybody continue without my clearly unwanted contribution.
  8. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Okay, the topic is called "Should cyclists be allowed on footpaths?" Obviously the answer is no, unless it is a shared use, or actual cycle path. But... And whether you like it or not, there is a but, when motorists make it so awkward, or so dangerous that you have no choice but to take evading actions, what do you suggest? I'm not making excuses for the ignorant arses on bikes that pay no attention to any traffic laws, they deserve to be stopped, fined and treated like scumbags, but, there are also a lot of fair, respectful, thoughtful and downright scared people on bicycles that are bullied off the roads in some places in Hereford. The fault does not solely lie with the person on the bicycle.
  9. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    I understand that, Colin, but my wife was on the road, behaving herself and was hit, then abused by a motorist. If she was on the pavement, it wouldn't have happened, that is part of the reason for it, so it is linked to the topic in hand whether people like it or not.
  10. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Whilst I agree with the vast majority of the comments on this thread, I must add some balance from a cyclist viewpoint. On Tuesday morning, my wife was cycling to work along Blackfriars Street towards Widemarsh Street. A man in a BMW passed her so closely that his wing mirror hit her handlebar, he then proceeded to berate my wife for hitting his car... I am in no way condoning bad behaviour by people on bicycles, but car drivers are not wholly innocent in the overall picture, if it was actually properly safe to cycle on the roads, I dare say there would be less bike use on pavements. I do agree though that there should be more law enforcement.
  11. Brexit Is Finished.

    Spot on B47. And I totally agree with you as well, Colin. It seems that they (the EU) will put obstacles wherever they see fit, change the subject of what they are prepared to discuss, tell us we have to pay $x.xx more before we can talk about any trade deal... Then to prove how mature they are, criticise British food?!?! I mean, come on... Really? I'll fully admit the politicians on our side are complete muppets who I wouldn't trust with a garden rake, but, well, it's all getting a bit silly really, isn't it?
  12. The Church of Freedom and Rough Sleepers…

    In all fairness though, FC is a church... Not a business... They profess to be a bible believing group as this paragraph, lifted from their website professes: BELIEFSWe are wholeheartedly committed to building a church that reaches people who don't yet know God. We present the timeless message of the gospel in modern and relevant ways. The message is sacred and not to be altered, but our approach and method is always open to change. We are a Bible-believing church with a theology and beliefs that are the same as hundreds of thousands of churches around the world. The bible clearly states how the poor/homeless/needy should be treated, and it is not with metal roller doors to keep them away: https://www.openbible.info/topics/helping_the_homeless Now, I am not in the least bit religious and all churches could do more, but this group preach about being good, charitable, helping those less fortunate, but when the less fortunate are on their own doorstep, their good, charitable, helping those less fortunate intentions turn into a metal door... Just saying.
  13. Censorship by the Hereford Times

    I might open my window later. I wonder if I could persuade a royal type to attend? I'd probably end up with Edward or Eugenie knowing my luck...
  14. The Church of Freedom and Rough Sleepers…

    I know I'm possibly labouring the point now, but this story in the HT speaks volumes of the differences between the "Freedom Church" and a normal, caring charitable cause... http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/15598690.Winter_shelter_for_homeless_re_opens_next_month/ Open door, or closed, locked and roller-shuttered door?
  15. Hereford Link Road

    Denise, excuse my maths but that, to my calculations, equates to pretty much £68.4 Million per mile!!! That... Is... Shocking!!!