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    So What Did You Think Of The Royal Wedding?

    AS A staunch Republican, I couldn't face the wall-to-wall TV coverage all day last Saturday and had to take refuge in a local ale house, whose bar TV was thankfully broadcasting an Indian league cricket game. But I got suckered into watching BBC1's 90-minute highlights in the evening - and I have to say I was hugely impressed. I was impressed by the amazing logistical achievement of the services (police, army, security, Royal Household, Windsor Chapel authorities) in pulling off what appeared to be an absolutely faultless event, though of course the weather helped greatly (remember the rain-sodden Thames Cavalcade?). I was impressed by the quality of the TV coverage, though less so by the banality of the Beeb's two announcers. And I was knocked sideways by Meghan's Givenchy wedding gown, reputed to have cost £387,000. Her 125-year-old diamond tiara (on loan for the day from Queenie) is obviously priceless. I loved the fire-and-brimstone sermon (we haven't had people preaching like that for over a century); the gospel singers were an absolute delight; and the young cellist who 'held the fort' while the Register was being signed, remained as cool as a cucumber - though I wish that the couple could have invited either Julian Lloyd Webber or Yo-Yo Ma. I was immensely thankful that little Elton was only seated in the congregation, and not on the organ: 'Candle In The Wind' would most definitely not have been an appropriate anthem for the bridal couple to leave by! Air-Miles-Andy looked bored rigid and overweight; I was wholly underwhelmed by Camilla's hat; and Mrs Beckham looked as if she was auditioning for a part in the remake of Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'. The couple's wise decision to exclude overseas dignitaries relieved the watching world from the embarrassment of any grandstanding by The Donald. Meghan's mum looked most dignified throughout, though it is a pity she was alone and that a last-minute reorganisation of the seating couldn't have had either Opral or Serena sat next to her. But most of all I was hugely impressed by her daughter's remarkable composure throughout that gruelling two-hour session, reputed to have been watched on TV by a global audience of more than two billion people.

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    I'm all in favour of the basic concept of a Super Surgery, though I never really understood why the excellent walk-in centre at Asda had to close down. But why is this new building being fast-tracked? Do I spot the fingerprints of a smooth-talking design-and-build salesman at work here? I know they don't exactly move at the speed of light, but the dear old Hereford Civic Society usually make an effort to see that new public buildings that go up in the city are a cut above the bog standard mediocrity of most d&b operations.

    Planning Refused for Costa Coffee

    Well if the planners don't want it in Holmer Road, tell Costa that it would look very good in front of Hereford Station (and sales-wise probably a better location, given the hundreds of college students who come out of there every morning). The vast areas of un-planted or turfed soil in front of this fine listed station are an absolute disgrace. Only a couple of months or so and visitors to the Three Choirs Festival will be arriving.

    Why can't we have a Parador?

    I totally agree with adamski's observation that we don't respect our old or historic buildings as well as other European countries. A topical case in point is the ugly fire-damaged hulk facing the Old House in High Town. It has been in that parlous state for nine years and at one time was causing so much offence that the normally mild-mannered Guild of Hereford Guides lodged a formal complaint with Herefordshire Council. I understand that restoration work is due to start any day now. Main contractor is Bayliss who have an exemplary track record in the building conservation field.

    Advertising refusal at Hereford FC

    I thoroughly agree with Colin on this topic. I have never been able to understand why HC has turned a blind eye to all the adverts on the back of that stand. Many people I know who drive through Hereford along Edgar Street have commented that they are an eyesore. They should ALL come down and the back of the stand should be painted matt grey of something similar to make it disappear visually. And on the subject of Edgar Street eyesores, does anyone else feel sorry for the folk living opposite that dreadful slatted vertical wooden fencing which was intended to 'mask' the Old Market's multi-storey car park? By the present look of it, the contractors barely gave it a lick of wood preservative when it was erected!

    Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    @Ubique: Hope very much that you hit your 100,000 target. Why not invite Prince Harry's 'Squeeze' - a touch of Marcle Magic would certainly boost numbers!

    Herefordshire Council Website

    "Retired"? Would this, by any chance be bureaucratic weaselspeak for "offered generous voluntary redundancy packages, based on its p*** poor performance in garnering flattering headlines for Messrs Johnson, Wilcox, Bramer and Phillips"?

    Former Council Office , Bath St.

    I've been holding my breath on this one, just in case the Cabinet's property guru Councillor Harry Bramer came up with some off-the-wall alternative. But it looks like the Herefordshire Housing scheme has got the green light - though the design of the new-build block at the rear is hardly inspiring. But at least the spirit of John Venn lives on.

    Commercial Street Hereford Refurbishment

    I agree 100% with Ubique's wise words. The organisers of the superb Weeping Windows event have spent a considerable amount of money on yellow directional signs to assist incoming bus tours. HC might take a leaf out of their book and, when the Poppies event finishes, use the whole of the window of the Franklin Barnes building for a huge colour graphic to show to Council Tax payers how Commercial Street and Commercial Road will look in the future.

    More power for Police dealing with beggars

    The entire premise of this item of garbage is based on an ill-judged and unsubstantiated remark by some earnest local charity's chairwoman ("Sadly, people can earn...). Murdoch's news management experts conflate this into: "Beggars make £200 a day in Britain's happiest town." It almost beats: "Fog In Channel; Britain Cut Off." Pass the sick bag, Rupert!

    Commercial Street Hereford Refurbishment

    Such lack of vision by HC's suits. From the Kerry PH to KFC opposite Station Approach is never ever going to be Hereford's Sunset Boulevard, but given its myriad pubs, bars, fast-food outlets and chippies (which planners sensibly collected together) it needs seriously smartening up - along the lines of the many warm and friendly locations you can encounter in many French, Italian or Spanish towns and cities. Is that really asking too much, Councillor Durkin?

    Commercial Street Hereford Refurbishment

    I wish Cllr Durkin would also turn his attention to the pavements of Commercial Road, where there are dozens of potential death traps concealed amongst the litter-strewn cracked concrete and dislodged brick pavers. To think that in three months time, Three Choirs Festival-goers arriving in the city by train will have to make their way up this fetid carriageway!

    Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    Re Elevate's computer graphic: will it ever happen? In your dreams, suckers! How long is it since the fire? Six years? Maybe seven (Cambo was fixing our roof at the time and he saw it first hand). HC allows itself to be used as a doormat, too busy devising (and paying for) fatuous seductive videos of imaginary bridge crossings and empty Link Roads. Even the mild-mannered Guild Of Hereford City Guides described the lack of activity on this key site as deeply embarrassing.

    Planning Approved for 65 Bed Premier Inn Hotel in Blackfriars St

    Ticks all the boxes, including the one marked: "Looks like an army barracks".

    Weeping Window Sculpture


    Looked even better at 8.00am this morning (Sunday), dusted in snow. My heart goes out to all those stalwart stewards who have to stand around in the bitterly cold wind in Cathedral Close.