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  1. Earthquake hits England and Wales today

    Earthquake? Herefordshire? Maybe Ragwert posted a coherent comment.
  2. Where to go, what to do...

    Welcome to Herefordshire, you Cornish evacuees! Unlike your former county (now overrun by metropolitan chattering classes, I gather), Herefordshire remains one of Britain's best-kept secrets, thanks largely to our council's inept marketing department. Coffee shops are always an essential starting point on any foray into a city's centre. Well you'll be glad to hear that Starbucks has been-and-gone. The coffee in All Saint's Cafe is good but pricey; and the service in friendly Ascari's (apparently its founder once had dreams of being a Grand Prix racer) is friendly, but its coffee is only Second Division quality. For the supreme dark espresso (or try their amazing 'Flat White') and a cordial reception from owner/ manager Nicola, make Sensory & Rye (corner of Union Street and Bath Street) your Staging Post for any of your city centre explorations. The cafe's 'retro-industrial' decor is particularly memorable.
  3. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    Me neither mate. But I do wish you'd sling your hook!
  4. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    An unintended spin-off created by White Elephant Way (aka the Link Road), and clearly evident in Colin's picture at the top of this thread, is that this city has a railway station to be proud of: visually far more exciting than either Shrewsbury, Newport or Temple Meads. This Grade II listed building is the overall responsibility of Network Rail, though rather unusually for this ham-fisted organisation, it managed to foist a full-repairing lease for the structure's maintenance and improvement onto Arriva Trains. "What improvements?" I hear you ask. Apart from the two disabled lift towers, very little. Most of the woodwork needs a good coat of paint and the fact that the entire first floor has remained empty for more than a decade is nothing short of a disgrace. Has anyone any thoughts on what this huge area might be converted into?
  5. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    Pleased to see that cyclists and street-savvy pedestrians are starting use the excellent Brian Wilcox Back Passage, which connects Union Street with Morrisons' car park.
  6. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    So was it worth the wait and the almighty disruption of the last two years? And will it, when all the bills are finally in (like the true costs of Blueschool House), turn out to be an extremely expensive white elephant? A Voice poster recently queried what the council will call it. May I start the ball rolling with this suggestion: WHITE ELEPHANT WAY. One serious omission seems to be total lack of tree planting along the new road's route, though token sections of the banking around the former Rockfield DIY site have been planted with evergreens. Any phule know that trees lining heavily-used urban highways are very effective pollution filters. Yet White Elephant Way seems to have none, as far as I can see. Lots and lots of traffic signals, but no trees.
  7. New Cabinet Member Portfolios Announced

    Having Harry Bramer in charge of contract management policy is an inspired idea.

    Agree 100% with Denise's two posts above about the shameful way that Herefordshire Council has treated these poor local farmers. I wonder how Cllr Johnson ever manages to get to sleep at night.
  9. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Sorry, I'm not offering to 'fill in the blanks' vis-a-vis this poor old lady's demise. But I would guess that if you could a) get through on the telephone and speak to someone at West Mercia Police Authority and b) enquire precisely how many successful prosecutions have thus far been brought against cyclists riding on the city's pavements, the answer would probably be: "This is an on-going situation which we recognise and accordingly a cross-community group has been set up (with Home Office funding) to explore the problem".
  10. Old Market Gateway

    So basically it's a big shed with all the architectural elan of that two-storey Portakabin extension to the Robert Owen Academy. Plus ca change; plus ca la meme chose!
  11. Marks & Spencer poised to announce more store closures

    By contrast, Debenhams' store in the Old Market precinct invariably has more sales assistants than shoppers. At the time of its opening, the rumour was the retailer had been given a six-year rent-free occupation of this giant unit. If memory serves, we are shortly approaching the sixth anniversary. Interesting times!
  12. Application to convert former Chadds building into flats

    "The lack of commercial interest...over a number of years..." is estate agent weaselspeak for: "we just couldn't be arsed to go out and find a High Street name that was willing to take the building on. We stuck our board up (with our Birmingham phone number on it) but nobody contacted us." Plonking a 17-unit residential block (if the Planning Committee rolls over to have its tummy tickled) alongside a lively city centre disco-pub seems to me to be social engineering gone mad. But then most council planners are head-bangers.
  13. Hereford Link Road

    I'll support Denise's 'Pricey Way' as the name for the complete Link Road. For the secret footpath linking Canal Street and Station Approach, discovered by Aylestone Voice, how about 'Wilcox's Back Passage'?
  14. Hereford Link Road

    Back in June, Aylestone Voice drew attention to the fact that a footpath / cycleway had been created, linking Canal Street with Station Approach. Everything is a lot tidier down that end now: bollards, kerbing, grass, galv fencing. But not a single directional sign! I sometimes wonder if there is a special unit at Plough Lane entitled: KEEP OUR LIGHT HIDDEN UNDER A BUSHEL. Yonks ago (Councillor Wilcox was in charge of Highways, so that shows you just how many yonks it was) the admirable local rail pressure group Rail for Hereford contacted the council to suggest that directional signs for travellers arriving at Hereford Station (for such things as the Three Choirs Festival) would be enormously helpful, should they want to make the journey on foot, avoiding traffic, and were unfamiliar with the city's layout. A simple enough request, you would have thought: six or so signs on posts (first directing people to this 'secret' footpath, then along Coningsby and Widemarsh Streets) would probably have costs about 100th of the cost of that fatuous computer-generated 'drive-through' video of the Link Road. The RfH suggestion wasn't even acknowledged.
  15. Freedom Of Speech.

    Wholeheartedly agree with Bobby's post. We've long passed through PC; now we've become a nanny state. Watch out for the furore that will envelop Eddie Izzard's attempt to get himself elected onto the Labour's National Executive. Most puzzling of all is the fact that this young lady's Facebook indiscretion and court appearance were actually reported in that bastion of Free Speech The Hereford Times! The local newspaper whose website editor felt it inappropriate for the public to be forewarned of the arrival in the city of Prince William.