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  1. This is better news for this centre
  2. Alex

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Xmas people
  3. Alex

    Christmas Dinner

    It should be good, we often go here for a carvery and it is always good food, enjoy!
  4. We have already purchased some toys from the Entertainer shop
  5. They should close down the repeating shops, this will send out the right signal, also impose bigger fines and prison sentences.
  6. Alex

    Fatal crash on Ryelands Street

    Very sad news
  7. Alex

    Lugg Meadow ground work activity.

    Good to see you back.
  8. Alex

    Morrisons car park

    I had one and ignored it, got a couple of letters and ignored them too, eventually they gave up
  9. The traffic situation over this last weekend has been much better with these traffic lights being out of service
  10. Alex

    Wonderful Short Film About Hereford

    Excellent film
  11. Alex

    Cyclists on Footpaths!

    I assume that this is the same thing? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/dangerous-cycling-new-legislation-death-criticised-kim-briggs-uk-a8487701.html Cyclists should be treated no different to any other road user (or in many cases footpath users), some cyclists travel at very high speeds, not in comparison to cars but within the city limits it is often the same if not more, why should they be treated any different ?
  12. Alex

    Timpson Retail Pod Application for Asda

    Surely there is enough space inside the store?
  13. Alex

    Jean Claude bloody Juncker.

    Total load of pissed up idiots making decisions for other countries including the UK. I would tell them to shove it, do not worry they will soon come running.