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  1. adamski

    Ann Summers Closing Down

    2k per week????
  2. I am so pleased they caught and fined this scumbag. Will he pay though?
  3. adamski

    River Wye is High in Hereford

    Denise, she probably meant she wasn't covered specifically for flooding, which is quite often the case if you live in an area liable to flooding. Bit like not being able to get earthquake insurance if you live on a volcano!!
  4. adamski

    Copper kettle/waterstones?

    I see a bright and shiny kettle back in place!
  5. adamski

    Wonderful Short Film About Hereford

    That is a very clever and well put together piece of work. Enjoyed it. Many thanks.
  6. adamski

    Oswin & Co

    I agree with the sentiment gk, but aren't you forgetting Castle House?
  7. adamski

    On Street Pay and Display parking

    What happens if you get a ticket while finding a cash point, then visiting the nearest newsagent to buy something (that you probably don't need) to get some change and then walk back to your car????
  8. adamski

    Why can't we have a Parador?

    It is interesting Denise. Sadly, I think our European counterparts have a far greater appreciation of their older buildings. To get this to work would require foresight and vision! Enough said! Nominations from everyone please??? I think the building by the Sainsbury's traffic lights on Eign Street, next to the old eye hospital, needs rescuing. And don't get me started on what happened to Moor House.... beautiful manor house, bequeathed to the good citizens of the city for their benefit etc. etc., we get flats, how to respect someone's wishes, not!
  9. I had the opportunity to consider this yesterday whilst sat in traffic on the bridge. There are walls either side and at either end, but interestingly, the original design incorporates railings where the view is something worth looking at, so obviously, the original intention was to actually give a view of the river. Why go backwards?
  10. Yes please Colin, a petition would be good.
  11. I agree, the railings are a mess in general, but a great big long, high, solid fence will look horrible and very unwelcoming as you enter our city. Also, the view of the river may well be a distraction in some ways, but have there ever been any accidents due to this? Didn't I read last week that roads are now deliberately going to be built where they have a view in order to help stimulate drivers and help to keep them awake?
  12. My wife dined in Wagamamas last night. A member of staff there said that her boyfriend worked at Chimichanga and he's been told it's closing in two weeks. Not cast iron information I accept, but smoke/fire??
  13. So, which day is the initial court hearing, Monday, or the 16th (Tuesday)?