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  1. 4 hours ago, twowheelsgood said:

    Resurfacing roads that barely see any traffic is all well and good, but what about the main infrastructure, especially in the City, which is in a terrible state and taking 000's of vehicles every day? Not to mention the hazards it presents to cyclists. It seems a skewed process to me.

    Could not agree more. Cycling particularly in the city is difficult enough without having to look out for potholes, decayed surfaces and sunken drains. But as far as the Council and BBLP are concerned fixing a quiet rural road is easy and is another tick in the box

  2. 16 minutes ago, twowheelsgood said:

    That's the nub isn't it - no one is in charge, at least from the Client side, charged with 'best use' of our money. Plenty of chiefs mind you, with their fancy job titles, it's just that they're not very good at their £100k pa jobs, they don't care, they get paid anyway, no one will sack them, jobs a good 'un for them. We're two years into the present Council's incumbency and still no sign of the election pledge to review BBLP's contract - if ever there was a reason, this must be it.


    Very true.

    But even if the Client side were in charge what are the chances they would have considered the impact on the AONB or even consulted their conservation team. Answer = nil.

    I weep for the future of this County with the self aggrandizing of the Councillors (whoever they are) and the under performing Chief Officers

  3. 7 hours ago, twowheelsgood said:

    Perhaps we'll get an absurdly over engineered, inappropriate and expensive concrete wall like this £2.6m one at Fownhope, in the middle of an AONB. I've already been told 'lessons will be learned' from this fiasco, but they never are and certainly never will be whilst the tail is wagging the dog.


    First time I have seen this eyesore. Good grief who is in charge of this appalling abomination 

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  4. 2 hours ago, twowheelsgood said:

    That seems like a huge portfolio!

    What progress is being made on the election pledge to review the Balfour Beatty Living Places contract? In the light of the Link Road overspend and the ongoing debacle that is the Fownhope repair, the need has never been more urgent. The contract claims to offer 'value for money, facilitated by process improvement and transparency through open book accounting' - what is this 'open book' and who is independently monitoring it? When BBLP are a private business with profit from ratepayers going to shareholders, how is this better value than direct labour? Why is filling the same pothole week after week after week value for money rather than doing it once properly?

    When will we get an explanation of what went so drastically wrong with the Blueschool House project? Who has been brought to account for a 100% overspend? Please don't say 'lessons have been learned!".

    Why is it that the same local builder seems to be working more or less permanently on Council projects - what is the tendering procedure?

    What is the the Council’s 'new project management system' used on Marlbrook school?


    And another contract for yes you've guessed it S C Joseph

    http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50087662/To award a contract for the provision of re-fit services at Maylord Shopping Centre.pdf

  5. Couple of points 

    = there is a cycle route along the link road. OK is is not segregated but it is there and is well used

    = the traffic on Blueschool/Newmarket has not really reduced because through traffic is allowed to use it. The road signs do not indicate that the link road should be used for through traffic - why not? Also probably sat navs do not direct to the link road. For example a local company Hereford Quarries have most of their vehicles ignoring the link road! Be proactive and traffic in the centre can be reduced as then can be the width of Blueschool/Newmarket

    = speak to Network Rail about using part of the station building for passenger facilities for the hub 

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  6. Why is so much through traffic still allowed to use Newmarket/Blueschool Streets when the plan was for it to use the Link Road, This would then allow work to those streets so as to provide an easier pedestrian connection between the OLM and the city centre and a more pleasant environment? 

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  7. OK I may be a bit biased!

    Not delivered 

    Transport Hub at the Station - how difficult is it?

    Not fixed the road to Fownhope

    Not fixed the path by the Old Bridge

    Still paying for scaffolding at Fryers Court - how many years now

    Thousands paid out to consultants 

    Still no realistic prospect of the cycle lane in St Owens Street

    Wasted money on cycle lanes in Commercial Road

    Roads very poor - e.g. Folly Lane and and Eign Road

    Effectively ripped up the Core Strategy

    Still not building more houses by the Link Road

    Blueschool Street/Newmarket Street still open to all vehicles - link road was meant to divert north=south traffic from them


    Please help with this!!


    Am happy to be corrected on the above

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  8. Hooked!

    Having said that I guess anybody who has mobility issues, a delivery or a heavy parcel would face the same issues they have now in High Town, Commercial Street and Eign Gate

    (Oh Yes - totally bonkers thank you!!!!!)

  9. Oh! you are so right. Cyclists are demon lawbreakers.

    Presumably it is only the (useless/pointless) cycle lane that allows cyclists to now travel along Commercial Road and that before it was marked up there was no danger to cyclists from drivers opening their car doors.  IIRC the Highway Code requires drivers to check before they open their car doors onto the carriageway. 

    Yes there are cyclists who ignore the rules

    But what about the car drivers who - park on double yellow lines, run red traffic lights, ignore no entry signs, exceed the speed limit and race around car parks.

    What is needed in Commercial Road is a dedicated cycle lane with the car parking totally removed


  10. What an embarrassment. The gormless Council say we need extra wide pavements for social distancing. Firstly how many people do you see feeling they need to use this extra space? Secondly why if the space is need do you half block it up with planters? Thirdly a row of planters with just random shrubs that BBLP have lying about - I will put their survival rate at 20%

    What an utter shambles

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  11. 2 hours ago, ragwert said:

    The bike lane ends in the middle of three lanes then starts to be a ............... BUS lane   :Grin:
    Seriously whoever thought that one up needs some sense slapped into them.

    And going towards Aylestone it just stops outside The Commercial. Now that might be handy for young Bobby47!

    However both lanes seeing how they are laid out and go nowhere are hardly likely to encourage people to get on their bikes. I consider myself to be an experienced cyclist but tonight at 6.30 I felt no safer using the cycle lane than I have for years using that route. i.e. it is flipping dangerous!

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  12. That danger is no different to how it has always been.

    All this so called cycle lane does is attempt to reserve a space for cyclists where they would have been cycling anyway. So as a cyclist you are still at risk from the parked cars and have to hope that the vehicles passing you keep outside the lane - which in giving cyclists a 1 metre gap when passing they should be doing anyway 

    It is no change from before

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  13. To be honest TWG why would you expect anything else??

    As to them being"temporary measures" that is the classic Council excuse. To get around public complaints they will be able to say if it is all removed that they have listened and changed their mind.

    Why do they not have a conversation with cyclists as to what could be provided - we want better facilities but also do not want motorists and others to blame us in any way. We all have to try to co-exist. And no we do not need any expensive consultants appointed to produce a plan which maybe in 5 years will be implemented.

  14. Being a time served cyclist I am very much in favour of better cycling provision. I am also used to coping with traffic.

    One of the Council's changes is to introduce a cycle lane on Blueschool Street and Newmarket Street - this in principle is good as it is dodgy for cyclists along there.

    But what happens for cyclists at the Tesco roundabout - Unless I have missed something - bugger all as far as I can see. So you have to take your chance and it is really quite dangerous.

    Why have a cycle lane on Bridge Street when the Old Bridge is closed to vehicles

    And as TWG pointed out elsewhere what about St Owens Street?


    This is just poorly thought out



  15. Agreed. But if they are claiming the money back under the Bellwin Scheme then presumably they ramp it up to how much they think they can get away with. That said it still comes out of our pockets. And nobody is ever held to account for lack of maintenance which perhaps contributed to the issue in the first place

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