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£3m of Amey disputed items unresolved


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With reference to this article that I know a number of you have read. 


"MORE than £3m of disputed items remain to be resolved over Herefordshire Councils service provision contract with Amey which ended last month."




Am I to understand that Amey owes "us" £3million.... however..... they bailed the council out at a cost of 2 million previously so they will be paying back around £1million to the council? £885k + £166k


("The council currently expects some £885k of income from Amey - for which provision has been made in the previous years outturns - and additional expectation of £166k for the five months to August 31").

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Yeah, but it says there's £3m of outstaning work and that Amey bailed out the council to the tune of £2m... then it says the council are expecting just over £1m back from Amey...... so, the way I read it, Amey are paying back the council for work that they didn't do, minus the bailout cost at the start (2006?)

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