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Tutorial: How to link to a site

Colin James

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To link to an external site simply type the word you want to see or display.


Simply type or enter your text like this - Click Here To Visit The Two Share Website then highlight that whole word or words with your mouse then click the link icon

how to link.png

and it will appear like this Click Here To Visit The Two Share Website but remember to highlight your words first, then click the link icon and copy/paste or type the full address (url) of the website that you want to link.

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Interesting subject this one. I regularly complain to Arriva Trains Wales when the train I catch from Hereford (northbound) is only formed of two coaches and is already rammed when I get on. These small trains regularly coincide with increased passenger numbers that could be anticipated for that route at that time. Arriva obviously don't check the Liverpool/Manchester football matches that their company service. Although they pull their finger out for Wales at home in Cardiff for the rugby.


The standard response I get is that they are running at Capacity with their rolling stock and it's the fault of the Welsh Govt. for not subsidising more trains. 


I have previously looked into this and the Arriva contract was signed off in 2003 (until 2018 I think) and they were under no obligation to increase their trains/services in the event of rising passenger numbers. The numbers did surge and the Welsh Govt. had to step in and buy more trains and it is alleged that it is subsidising Arriva by over £150M a year.


The franchise has very few trains that do the first class/buffet car thing (I was told one but it may be more) which they call the 'Arriva Premier' service and which travels the Cardiff ---> Holyhead route and back. Over the course of 5 years the Welsh Govt. has subsidised that by £22M.


Welsh Express Link


I do sympathise with people who live in places where sometimes the train stops but it may rush thru. Craven Arms and Church Stretton are the obvious one's on the route I use. But if every train stopped at every station then it would be impossible to get longer journeys done in a reasonable time. Complaints have also previously been made about trains stopping less often at Ruabon. It's all down to capacity.


I don't know what the poster was on about in the first response to the HT article on their website. Obviously no clue who has the franchise for the Hereford to Shrewsbury route.



This seems as good a place as any to ask this question:


I didn't find it easy to quote/reply to two different previous posts' when they are/were on different pages of a thread. Is it me being a bit slow? 


You mean like this Roger? It is quite simple my friend, at the bottom of the post you want to quote click the 'MultiQuote' button (which is to the left of the standard Quote button) then do the same on the other discussion as I have done here.

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