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Landline phones will be axed by 2025


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Landline phones will be axed by 2025: Digital switchover leads to fears elderly and vulnerable will struggle to cope if they're forced to rely on mobile technology

* Millions of customers will be pushed online for first time or must rely on mobile 

* Upgrade will impact services that rely on the existing telephone network like alarms, phones in lifts, payment terminals and red telephone boxes

* Concerns over older and vulnerable households which are not online, do not use a mobile phone or live in a rural area with poor connectivity being left behind

* Around 6 per cent of homes– roughly 1.5 million – do not have internet access

Is this going to affect you and your relatives? Technology taking over humanity. I have a smart phone but hardly use it. Still use the old style flip phone no problems. The internet is getting to be a joke with the sites' cookies wanting to collect all your data to sell on to third parties. The dictatorship wanting to track you 24 hours and social interaction a thing of the past - just do as your told or else. 


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This seems to have been slipped out very quietly and there's precious little information on how it will work. I believe if you already have a broadband connection, your existing analogue phone will continue to work (or it might need a small adapter). BT are pushing their own new 'digital voice' phones for home use, but as their current offerings are pretty poor compared to the likes of Panasonic, that doesn't bode too well. The pricing structure has yet to be announced - I'd be amazed if it wasn't more expensive. As ever, it is the most disadvantaged that will be hit hardest by all of this. Of course, if the internet goes down then the phone won't work to call the emergency services ...

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