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Heartwarming tributes to Herefordshire paramedic Jeremy Daw who passed away yesterday

Hereford Voice

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Colleagues pay heartwarming tribute to Herefordshire paramedic Jeremy Daw who tragically died yesterday while on duty and responding to an emergency call.


It is understood that Mr Daw had just half a dozen shifts left before he was due to retire.

Paying tribute to his colleague in a video online, the West Midlands Ambulance Service emergency operations delivery director, Nathan Hudson, said "the incident was an accident and no one was being sought in connection with it"

He added;


“Jeremy Daw, Jack, was a loving husband, father, and for us within the ambulance service he was not just a colleague, he was a dear friend as well,” Hudson said. “Jeremy was a paramedic. He extended his retirement to ensure he could come back and fight the Covid response the NHS has put forward.”

He added: “Nobody else was involved in the incident overall; it was an accident at this present moment in time.”

“He was one of life’s good guys and he will be sorely missed in and around Hereford,” he said. “Everybody knew him and he was just a genuinely nice person. If you speak to the staff at Hereford, what they remember is that he used to go out and clean the vehicles every morning, he would wipe the windscreens down.

“He used to do that as a matter of course. He took great pride in his work.”



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