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Popular Local Dentist Bob Binnersley Passes Away

Hereford Voice

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We have received tributes following the passing of popular and well liked local Dentist Bob Binnersley, who sadly died this week.

A message on the St Martins Dental & Implant Clinic that he founded in 1989 announced the sad news yesterday.

Bob Binnersley


It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of Bob Binnersley.

Bob founded St Martins Dental Practice in 1989 starting with a small detached house and turning it into the seven surgery practice it is today. Including a training centre for dental nurses.

Between Bob and Krista, they not only created an amazing place to work but an extended STM family. Who still to this day when they hear the words ‘fancy dress party at The Binnersleys’ come running from far and wide.

As well as his fantastic dentistry many of Bob’s patients will remember him for his infamous jokes and one liners! The most common one being ‘A check up from the neck up, it won’t take long!’.

If he wasn’t being rude to you then you knew something was up!

He was incredibly passionate about dentistry and helping people. He was a founding member and chairman of the Hereford Independent Practitioners Society for over 20 years which helped to bring other dental practices in Hereford together.

Bob loved his cricket and would quite often have it playing in surgery with his nurse keeping a watchful eye on the score.

He also fought hard for Hereford to finally have the flood defences which we so desperately needed. As those that will remember his house and the practice flooded many times. Most weeks we would have phone calls asking for him to be interviewed on the radio!

Bob’s legacy will live on through his wife Krista, his children Richard, Rachel, James and Thomas and his extended family, also his STM family and all the dentists and dental nurses that he has trained and inspired along the way.

He will be greatly missed by us all. RIP Bingo


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