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Lack of tree maintenance in Muir Close over the years.


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The cutting back of trees in Muir Close goes back years when most requests were deemed not worth doing. There has been some lopping of certain trees which has resulted in the subsequent thickening up of greenery and the consequence of sunshine being blocked from several households. 

Is it too much to ask that the Council and BBLP can sort this problem out especially when people spend a lot of their free time in their gardens. Also my partner is confined to a wheelchair and can only sit in the back garden to enjoy the warmer weather and she misses the sunshine - remember vitamin D3 is good for you.

Over the years the matter of tree pruning has been passed back and forward between the Council and Housing Associations depending on whose land the trees stand on. I believe there is only one tree maintenance contractor to cover the whole of Herefordshire - a small saving on BBLP's maintenance budget considering they receive millions of pounds each month from council tax payers.

It would be nice if someone could let some light into our lives in these miserable enforced lockdowns, of which I am sure more will follow. At present there is tree cutting debris left on Council land since July 2020 and no one has moved it yet. Maybe they are waiting for me to take it to the tip when I get my 4 hours off a week from caring duties.

DSC03173.JPG.b89dbdba6f1e945f5ced3243b3c1fdc9.JPG DSC03178.JPG

Here are some trees cut back in 2016 - looks a bit harsh.

Waterfield-Road-before.jpg.fe3c2f657f472a17a10fe76633fb0f7d.jpg Waterfield-Road-after.jpg.228a34c73374f3e4fe5141208d8a0a26.jpg


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