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Hereford and the County disappearing under Litter


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Below are people views and articles drawing our attention to the state of our environment both urban and countryside. Of course it is always someone else's job to clear up, but it would be encouraging to see others doing their bit within their community starting outside their home. Any suggestions to improve matters?


16th March 2020 - Hereford Times

The reality of Herefordshire's beauty ruined by rubbish, litter picker claims

By James Thomas
THE damage caused by littering in Herefordshire is becoming “horrendous”, according to one man who voluntarily tries to keep the county tidy.

Graham Cox, of the Golden Valley litter group, said the council are not prioritising litter clearance, and there is not enough staff to cope.

“Unfortunately it has become apparent that the lanes, rivers, brooks and woods of this county are already defiled and abused with a level of rubbish being dumped that is hard to believe,” Mr Cox said.

“Having removed 300kg ourselves in the last two months via our Golden Valley litter picking group we can testify to the problem.

“The level of visual, environmental and wildlife damage is getting to horrendous levels. Road verges are covered in packaging, open spaces have hideous grot spots where it has built up and animals are being maimed and killed by its dangers.

“Herefordshire is no longer a beautiful place to admire.”

Herefordshire Council said contractors will carry out litter picks when they can.

A spokesperson said: “We work closely with community litter picking groups and greatly value the work they do.

“As well as helping to keep Herefordshire clean and tidy, community litter pickers are a useful source of information for our community protection team, highlighting hotspots of litter, cigarette butts and dog waste, and businesses complying with litter regulations.

“Balfour Beatty Living Places carry out litter picks as and when time and resource allows, with most picks taking place around spring.

“Our picks are coordinated with community litter groups, and we focus our efforts on areas they cannot access, such as high speed roads and verges or areas with potentially dangerous waste.”

They added the council provides guidance and equipment to litter pickers and have so far donated more than 730 sets to community groups.

But don't people drop litter all year round?

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3rd February 2021 - Hereford Times

Fly-tippers are making Hereford 'filthy and disgusting'

By James Thomas

A HEREFORD business owner has slammed Herefordshire Council for a "filthy and disgusting" city centre which he says will kill trade when lockdown eases.

Financial advisor Paul Davies, of Kingfurness and Associates, said a bag of overflowing rubbish had been outside his office in Eign Street for almost a month before Herefordshire Council removed it.

He said that was only after emailing and calling Herefordshire Council to try and get it cleaned up, even though the council says it empties bins and litter picks in the city centre every day.

Mr Davies, who lives is Stretton Sugwas but is originally from the South Wales Valleys, thinks if litter louts continue to blight the city centre, it will deter visitors and potential tenants of empty shops.

He had complained to Herefordshire Council about a gull-proof rubbish bag full of rubbish between Eign Gate and Bewell Street, and a second mound of dumped rubbish at the entrance to Primark's service yard.

"There's a lot of problem with drug addicts down there [Eign Gate], but that bin has been there for maybe three or four weeks," he said.

"We're supposed to tie another seagull sack up the next window down every Thursday, they clear the sack on Friday morning and we bring the sack back in.

"But this is filthy and disgusting.

"Somebody came to pick the bag up and walked off. All the spillage out of the bag was on the floor, never picked it up.

"I had to send another email to complain about that, but it's all been picked up.

"They've done it, but it'll happen again, these bags just get filled up."

Mr Davies, 57, added: "I'm from the Valleys, and you'll know up there they don't care about their towns and cities, and if we're not careful Hereford is going to become a real third-world situation."

He said it would be hard to find tenants for empty shops, such as the former Shoe Box shop in Bewell Street, if the "disgusting conditions" continued.

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: “We were made aware of fly-tipped waste at these locations and it has now been removed.

"Fly-tipped waste has previously been an issue at the back of Primark’s service yard and we will be taking action to remind residents in the area of the collection service provided and the need to dispose of their waste correctly.

"Moving forward we will be monitoring the area thoroughly for additional fly tipping with a view to carrying out enforcement action.

“In advance of this coming seagull season we will be working to ensure that all business are aware of their responsibilities to dispose of waste lawfully and prevent the spillage of waste, creating litter, when doing so.

"Businesses will be reminded to use their seagull sacks properly and to return them to within their property after collections to try and prevent this sort of incident happening again.

“A Balfour Beatty Living Places operative is based in the city centre every day of the week, to empty litter bins and collect litter as required.

"We encourage anybody who has concerns about waste that has been left out incorrectly or fly tipped to report this at herefordshire.gov.uk/report-problem.


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Just to say thank you to the two ladies from Brampton Road doing a litter pick and seen in Muir Close. More public spirited people like this tidying up the estate will make a visible change to the existing environment. 

More information on organising a litter pick, but just start outside your own home and spread outwards.

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