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Hereford City Council Support Free Electric Buses To Link City.

Hereford Voice

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Hereford City Council have successfully bid for a project for free electric buses to link significant locations around the City, together with the Herefordshire Bus Users Forum.


The Railway Station, Hospital, the new Primary Health Centre at Station Approach and the city centre shops and tourist attractions will be linked as part of the Stronger Towns Fund bid to Government. The service will cross over the Old Bridge and stop in the car park by the swimming pool to support the ongoing development of the river as a tourist attraction and link with buses from the south of the city.

This is a long-term project, one of many being put forward as groups within the city push for up to £25m of funding to help support economic recovery and levelling up.

The independent Towns Fund board (called the #StrongerHereford board) is a blend of people from private, public and community sectors who all have Herefordshire in their heart. They are a mix of parents, students, educators, business owners, employers and employees, creatives and politicians, and Mayor Kath Hey is also among the board, representing the City.

The City Council hopes that the project will allow Hereford to continue to recover from the ongoing pandemic, and in the coming months and years ensure the City is better linked for residents and visitors alike.

For more information on the Towns Fund Board, visit: www.strongerhereford.co.uk

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It's just PR fluff, written by someone who no doubt has 'passionate' on their cv. It might be a long term project, but this Council only has just over 2 years left in its present make up to stop waffling and start delivering on some of its election promises. Cancelling the western bypass yesterday was a good move. With that out of the way, lets see some real action at a local level - Harrington referred to turning off traffic lights in the meeting yesterday - just get on and do it!

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