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Appointment of Chief Executive - Herefordshire Council- 22 January 2021


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Meeting: Herefordshire Council

Meeting date: Friday 22 January 2021

Title of report: Appointment of Chief Executive

Report by: Chair of the Employment Panel

To approve the appointment of a chief executive and head of paid service.

Recommendation(s) That: (a) Paul Walker is appointed as the council’s chief executive and head of paid service.

(b) The solicitor to the council is designated to be acting head of paid service from 12 February when the current chief executive leaves the council’s employment and until the newly appointed chief executive starts in post.

(c) To ensure appropriate and necessary separation of statutory roles, the interim head of legal services is designated to be acting monitoring officer for any period of time when the solicitor to the council is designated as acting head of paid service.


15. The gross salary for this post is currently £155,022 and the salary costs will be met from within the existing directorate revenue budget.

16. The financial estimates below are based on the assumption that a new appointee will need to give notice to their current employer and will not be available to start with Herefordshire until April 2021.

Background stories

Copeland axe £110,000-a-year chief exec

New council senior manager very positive about Harrow

Best of luck to him in the present climate. Wonder if he likes bypasses?


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Of course he's "passionate about shaping and delivering better outcomes and outstanding public services for residents, businesses and visitors". Maybe that even includes sweeping the pavements occasionally.

£155k plus pension plus NI and all the other employment costs - probably looking at £200k pa, plus no doubt a huge fee to a recruitment 'consultant'. 

Has the outgoing CEO really made a difference or even added value to his 8 years of salary (say £1.2m)? If he has, it's hard to see where.

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